5 Great Ad Copy Tips Bound To Help YOU Make Money Online

You Do Know That Marketing Is the Most Important Task To Making Money Online?

Last week in my post I talked about getting good at copy writing with the headline,  to get attention to what you are up to.

So my question to you today is, what are you doing specifically to get those eyeballs on your stuff?

You really do need to be keeping a journal of this because you are the master of your own destiny.

5 Great Ad Copy Tips Bound To Help YOU Make Money Online

Nobody is going to tell you what to do, you are the only one who decides what needs to get done when it comes to you making money online.

Have A Game Plan To Make Money Online

How are you going to make money online if nobody is looking at what you are doing?

You should have multiple strategies in place in order to have a successful online business.


I was on a call with a potential business partner last night, he had me take a look at his website, and let me tell you he is awesome!

He has a great attitude, determination and drive to do great things.

He did know that he had to start advertising in order to be found and to make money online, but he had no idea on how to write an ad nor what to write about on his blog.

Here is what I shared with him.

           5 Great Ad Copy Tips To Help You Make Money Online

1. Who is your potential business partner?

5 Great Ad Copy Tips Bound To Help YOU Make Money Online

You need to know who you are marketing to if you are going to make money online.

Get this nailed down and you will get results.

2. The Headline.

This is the key element, this is what is going to decide if your ad or blog post gets read or not.

You want to get your potential business partners curious enough to see what you have to offer.

Once again get this right and you will have a much better chance of making money online.

3. The Body.

The body of your ad copy should transition smoothly from the headline, make sure this is congruent with your title.

Then add the benefits, these are the life changing effects that are possible with your product or service.

Do not promise anything here, if you mislead anyone they will get angry and will not be back.

Add some credibility to end of the body, perhaps stating how long you have have been making money online or a testimony from a team member, this will help reduce the risk.

4. Call To Action.

Tell Them What You Want Them To Do!

5 Great Ad Copy Tips Bound To Help YOU Make Money Online 1

Let them know exactly how long it will take them, 2 minutes to fill out a form then another 45 minutes to attend a webinar.

If you showed them value in the body of your ad copy then they should listen to you now and you will be on your way to making money online.

If you have had success, share it, make it interesting, attract your potential business partners.

If you are just getting started feel free to share stories from others who are making money online.

Do you have a great product that is helping others?

Well get their story and have them share this with you, a great idea would be to do a video with them.

Become a Pro In Motion, take these tips and start marketing to your potential business partners and start making money online.

Don’t over complicate things, just get started and stay consistent.

I know it can be tough to get your game plan together and make money online all by yourself when you are looking to start an online business!

But Don’t Fret!

I would like to invite you to join Our Awesome Team and get started with a Unique Online Business Opportunity, it is a proven system with the tools already in place for you to plug into.

Click here now and get started making money online today..

If you have any questions or concerns be sure to connect with me… I truly do want to see you start Loving What You Do & Doing What You Love!


Once again I will be attending yet another Rock Fest starting on Wed the 12th and I will be unplugging from the online world and enjoying time with my family and friends.

So if you are serious about making money online and want to get started be sure to reach out before I leave or wait until Monday the 17th if you would like my help getting started.

As always thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success

Here’s To Happiness

 Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

Skype: cheryschmidt


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  1. says

    Hey Chery,
    Understanding who your potential customer is will help in determining what you can achieve. A great ad copy is that which tells of the benefits that will be achieved by the reader. It promises less but delivers much.

    Yes, it should have credibility so that trust can be built. It is trust that makes the potential customer parts with his/her earning for the product.

    To make money online, one needs to apply simplified process. Luckily, your piece is simply delivered for any wanting to make money online!

    In kingged.com, this post was shared and I have left the above comment on it!

    • says

      Hello Sunday, Wowsy YOU Are right on the ball, I just published this post.. LOL

      I do want to thank you for starting out the conversation with such and Awesome Comment.

      Have an Awesome Week,
      Chery :))

  2. says

    Hi, Chery,

    I enjoyed reading your post, and certainly appreciate you sharing.

    I agree with all of your points, but differ in my opinion about having to advertise in order to be found. I did not advertise when I started my blog, and had pages indexed left and right and got traffic from content marketing and content syndication as well as forum marketing.

    I love your point about understanding who our potential client is because that’s where it all begins, so this is very important.

    You’re advice for not over complicating things is spot on, my friend, and I must remind myself of this quite often.

    I especially like your point about the importance of telling them what you want them to do, i.e. Call to Aaction. These are simple bits of communication are extremely powerful. I recently did a video showing how to put a call to action underneath each and every blog post that consistently displays throughout your blog. Easy way to make a big difference.

    Headlines are the first thing that grabs our attention, and improving our copy on these is essential, I couldn’t agree more!

    Awesome article, Sharing with friends…

    Have a wonderful evening.
    Carol Amato

    • says

      Hello Carol, What a great comment my friend, I am going to also click on over and find that video of your about the call to action! Never hurts to learn new tricks Right?

      Thanks for sharing, I do appreciate it.
      Have an Awesome Week
      Chery :))

  3. says

    Excellent job as usual Chery!

    First of all, have a great time while you per sue
    a little R&R!LOL!

    Your five proven ad copy writing tips, will definitely serve anyone well,
    that bothers to consistently implement them!

    And isn’t too proud to ask for your expert help, should they need it!Great job
    and thanks so much for sharing your proven blueprint!!

    • says

      Hello Mark, Oh yeh I am a thinking I will be having a excellent time at the Fest> My favorite part is just sitting back and people watching. I LOVE IT HEHE! Now for the rest of your Awesome comment, I do like how yo state these tips will serve anyone who consistently implements them! yes that is Key HUH Taking Action. We both know nothing happens by itself. Correct?

      Thanks for adding to the conversation my friend.
      Chery :))

  4. says

    Great post Chery, very informative. You raised very important points for every marketer to know. Each one of them cannot work effectively without the other. Call to action at the end makes a great difference towards success.

    • says

      Hello Siphosith, We see this all the time Right? People put out great content yet don’t let the readers know what they want them to do?? It can be something as simple as just leave a comment. Yes this does make a difference HUH?
      Thanks for your visit, your Awesome comment and for sharing my friend I do appreciate it.
      Chery :))

  5. says

    Hi Chery,

    I’m still working on my headlines :) That is one of my weaknesses. They are important because it is what grabs a reader in. And yes, our content has to flow with that headline.

    We do have to write to our potential clients. It is one of the key factors of know who are target audience is. And that has to be researched quite well.

    The best of all these points is to not overcomplicate things. Keep things simple is my motto. We have a point that we want to express, and make it understandable to all.

    If I visit a blog and it goes on and on, I loose interest quickly. Most people do, so that my friend is a gem of advice.


    • says

      Hello Donna. I do Love Your Motto My Friend! Keep things simple! Yikes it seems everything is so complicating these days that it is sometimes hard for me to do this but I do try my best!!

      I also know I to struggle with my titles and as I told Sherman sometimes it takes me longer to write the title then my whole article. Crazy Right? I guess I need to take your advice AND KEEP IT SIMPLE LOL!!

      Thanks for sharing, always nice to see you here.
      Chery :))

  6. says

    Hi Chery,

    What a great post on 5 Great Ad Copy Tips Bound To Help You Make Money Online.

    You're post covered all the methods in such a simple way so everyone can understand it.

    The headline need to capture our targeted audience and the body or copy needs to be congruent. The CTA must tell our audience exactly what to do and most importantley we must share value.

    You did a wonderful job with this post!

    Enjoy your trip and you have an awesome night and rest of the week.


    • says

      Hello And Welcome to my blog Linda, I am so happy your enjoyed it and did indeed get some value here, Thanks for you comment and visit and I do hope to see more of you here.
      Chery :))

  7. says

    Hi Chery,

    I always make it a point to read Blog posts covering the art of writing great Ad copy. These posts have always educated me and made me better in so many different ways. When I read your Blog post title I was hooked, and settled down for a nice read.

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Unless one has a carefully thought through, and documented, (I use M.S. Word) business plan, I believe that the business is just going to fail. That is going to hurt as many different levels.

    So many Internet businesses seem to kick off with the understanding that everyone is their customer. Unfortunately, if everyone is your customer then the truth is no one is your customer. That’s just bad for business.

    As business owner one needs to have a set of specific customer demographics to rely on. Age, sex (M/F), academics, work experience, geographical location, married (or not), surplus money range and more.

    It’s these customer specifics that are a big help in choosing the most appropriate – Ad Headline, Ad image and Ad copy content. This information also strongly influences the language (sentence constructs) of the Ad copy.

    Great advice in the Blog post Chery. Loved the read.

    I came to this site from a link on Kingged.com

    • says

      Hello Ivan And Weclome to my blog! I am so happy my title pulled you in YEH!! Always nice to see other Kinggers sharing content.

      Thank you for your visit and comment, I do appreciate it.
      Chery :))

  8. says

    Hi Chery,

    Hope you’re having a great time at the Rock Fest – never hurts to unplug for a while!

    Thanks for sharing these tips on copywriting. The headline has to be the most important else you won’t get your reader to carry on reading. Once you’re past that you need to keep them reading before your CTA. If you get the click then you get the business.

    Catch you soon!
    – David

    • says

      Hello David, well said my friend, if you get the click, you get the business. LOVE IT!! Thanks for adding to the convrsation here today i do appreciate it.. Chery :))

  9. says

    The Rock Fest sounds like fun. I hope you have a wonderful time. You’re spot on with your recommendations and I’m trying to commit them to memory (and my notes in case I’m inclined to let less useful habits to take over)

    • says

      Hello Sue, Gotta love those notes huh? HEHE Yeppers I have notebooks full of them!! LOL It is a whole lot easier for me to remember when I take notes. something about writing things down HUH? They are also there for later then if we need them to Right?

      And Yes yes Rock Fest we FUN FUN FUN!

      Thanks for sharing my friend. always nice to see you here..
      Chery :))

  10. says

    Hi Chery,

    If you want to earn money online, you have to know the techniques to bring visitors to your blog, as you mentioned we have to know who our customers and we have to guide them what they have to do after reading our article.

    Good article thanks for sharing it.

  11. says

    Hi Chery,

    Awesome write up on copywriting tips. Honestly, I had good time reading this. You have just blown open some important point to put to heart when walking this journey of copywriting.

    I do like the fact that you mentioned that having a good understanding of our prospective or potential clients is key to getting it right from day 1 and that’s nothing but the gospel truth Chery.

    What more can I say if not thanks for sharing this masterpiece! I really enjoyed reading!

    It’s weekend I am sure you having great fun at Rock Fest? I am sure you are :)


    • says

      Hello Jackson, Thank you so much for your kind words my friend! I am so happy you did indeed get some value out of my post. And Oh Yeh!! I did have a Fantastic time at the Fest!!

      Chery :))

  12. says

    Hi Chery. These are great tips! LOL — I liked how you pointed out that no one else is going to be telling you what to do to make money online. So true. It really is up to us, isn’t it? But, of course, sometimes we need help, which is why I like how you gave very practical tips. I especially liked how you pointed out the headline should get potential clients curious.

    • says

      Hello Karen, Oh Yeh we all need a little help once in a while that is a fact Girlfriend! Thank you so much for your comment and your visit, always so nice to see you here..
      Chery :))

  13. says

    I apologize for that last comment, my computer bounced me offline and trying to get back online posted that comment Got to love technology when it works!

    No question you need to know your audience and speak to them have the headline offer to solve one of their problems. Thinking of your ad as its component parts make the process pretty easy!

    Thanks for putting the focus where it needs to be.. on our marketing!

    • says

      Hello Mary, Not a problem at all Girlfriend. HEHE I know all to well about computer and internet challenges.. You can leave me multiple comments anyday..

      Thanks for your visit and your Awesome Comment.
      Chery :))

  14. says

    Super wise information Chery, it is definitely a skill to craft a successful ad, and getting some help up-front is a great start!
    I like the mixture of curiosity, but realistic information on your offer… such a bad idea to mis-lead people, and it will likely not be such an effective ad if you are vague!
    Targeting to the right people, and giving a call to action are such key points too :)
    Thanks for the great write up… and enjoy the rock-fest!! 😀

    • says

      Hello Jacs, OH YEH My Friend I did indeed enjoy my time away, It is always so nice to just get away and unplug from everything once in a while. But now time to catch up Yikes…

      Thank you so much for stopping by, for your Awesome Comment and for sharing, always nice to see you here.
      Chery :))

  15. says

    Hey Chery!

    Valuable tips on ad copy here!

    You shared some of the most important tips to become good at copy-writing. Awesome!

    Out of these, I would say, the most important tip is to be congruent with everything.

    Making your headline, body, and everything else congruent, is crucial for best conversions. If you fail with the congruent part, you might get very low conversion numbers. That’s what I have learned from experience, so far.

    You have to make everything flow smoothly with each other. From the headline all the way to the landing page!

    Great topic, Chery!

    I hope you had fun during your trip!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Have a wonderful week! 😀

    • says

      Hello Freddy, I do agree my friend, getting everything to flow together is definitely key HUH? Thanks for the Awesome comment and You Bet I had fun on my vacation… HEHE
      Chery :))

  16. says

    Hey Chery,

    Even when I was first starting out doing affiliate marketing and network marketing I never did advertising like that myself. I always just wrote plenty of content and that’s how I was found online and I would think that today would be just the same even with all the content that there is out there.

    Of course I’m not doing what you are but I would hope that those interested in building a solid business are blogging. Well we know how powerful that can be don’t we!

    You did hit all the key points though and as we both know that can also be provided for your content as well. 😉

    So you were off another on another fun trip and I’m sure you had the time of your life. Good for you girl and hope you’re back home safely and all is good with you this week.

    Have a good one my friend.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne, Oh Yeh I did have a Great time and Yes I did make it home safe and Yes I am right back at it. HEHE Thank you for your Awesome comment my friend, I just Love to see you here, Have a Blessed Week
      Chery :))

  17. says

    Hi Chery,

    Informative post indeed.

    Most of the time people think about making money but they don’t focus at their strategies. Having the perfect headline should be the main focus point of an blog post. I agree with your point that bloggers, marketers need to know their targeted audience. They should know to whom they want to approach and get connected.
    Selling any product and clicking at ads are quite similar. In both the case you have to attract your clients.

    Great post.
    Enjoy your day.

  18. says

    These are great tips. Thanks for sharing. Writing copy for an advertisement is much harder than it appears. There is so much to consider. You did a very good job of simplifying the important steps.

    • says

      Hello Matthew, There is a lot to consider but just getting after it is key, As they say practice makes perfect!! LOL
      Thanks for adding to the conversation here today…
      Chery :))

  19. says

    Chery wonderful to here being consistent is the way to go!

    Find points you have taken to share and walk us through. We would benefit all around. Just to reach out and ask for help is the first step.

    Keep us hoping for a better future, Chery. Just being around your presents in some way. You can feel all the energy to make you take action, now!

  20. says

    It will be easier not to promise what you can’t deliver, if #1 is in place. Knowing your audience means knowing what the person needs, and be willing to listen, and then you can determine how to relate to that person so he’ll be more likely to respond favourably.

    • says

      Hello Edward, Oh so true my friend, what you have to say is either going to make someone continue reading, or leave before the end HUH? Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation here today my friend. Always nice to see you.
      Chery :))

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