Are You As An Online Entrepreneur Focused For Success?

How To Get Focused For Success

Today I want to help you get focused for success.

Sounds Good Huh?

As You Know we as online entrepreneurs have to do things just a little bit differently, Wouldn’t you agree?

Well let’s get started.

Hello Carol, I am happy to see that you did indeed get some value or as you state some golden nuggets from my post here,  I do think that sending a follow up message with a friend request is an Awesome way to stat building a relationship with them, Nobody is doing this so it makes you look Good!  Let me know how this works for you OK?  Thanks for the great comment.. Chery :))

Do You Meditate?

Well this was something new to me and I for one am liking the results.

So what I have learned is to start each day meditating. There are a lot of free MP3’s online to help you get started. I found my first one at Dawn Abraham’s Site. MotivationalWhisperers..

Start out slow about 10 minutes or so then as you get more comfortable simply do more.

Next thing you are going to do to get focused for success is to write down a list of your priorities.

Let me share mine with you just to give you an idea of what I am talking about here, my 1st priority is of course my family and my 2nd priority is my online business.

Now make sure to actually write these down OK!  Now go ahead and write down what you would like to see happen in all areas.

Next I want you to start to come up with as many ways that you think you can make this happen.

Make A Daily Schedule To Get Focused For Success

Start each day by actually taking the time to write down what your day is going to look like.

What's wrong with just being YOU!


What time are you going to sit down at your computer?

What are you going to do after that and so forth?

If you don’t take the time to do this you will more than likely not be focused for success.

This is where you will want to really want to start to focus.

Just focus on a few, I just told you what mine are, so go ahead and write down exactly what you would like to see happen.

Yes today is the perfect time to get this done these are some simple little steps that are needed for you to accomplish those goals.

Give Yourself Permission To Say No! Get Focused For Success

Yes give yourself permission to say No!

Are You As An Online Entrepreneur Focused For Success?

If something comes across your plate and it is not on your list of priorities or not something that is going to help get you closer to your goals, say no!

These are all just HUGE distractions!

I know all about these, if something sounds too good and doesn’t fit into your game plan, PASS IT UP!

Remember to stay focused on success,  Yes, on your goals and if this isn’t something that aligns with them, SAY NO!

Now I know this is a lot to do and I do know that many of you will not do it and are probably thinking that this is just a huge waste of time.

But if you are focused for success and follow my advice here you will start out strong and you will have a much better chance of reaching those goals with a game plan in place and ready to take massive action.

I do want every single person who comes across my blog to get focused for success and to reach those goals that you have set for yourself. I want to be very up front with all of you here.

MLM ROCKS! Network Marketing is an Amazing Profession.

But it certainly is not for everyone.

I can say from experience that there are some companies that are easier to build than others. I’m trying to break it down and I will always be honest with you.

I want you to know the REALITY of what to expect in the marketplace and it all starts with how “You” focused for success.

It is my job as a success coach to get you focused for success and to keep you informed on what works and what does not.

There is no company that is a perfect “fit” for everyone.

That’s the reality of it.

Network Marketing contains the mechanics to achieve wealth. It’s called leverage.

But if getting rich was easy everyone would be doing it and we would have no need to get focused for success in the first place.

Personally, I have found something that is REAL And that you can feel proud to market?

With virtually no competition and it would be an honor to have you work with us.

If you are serious and focused for success this just may be for you. Click here now and join for free.

It all starts with YOU learning how to properly brand yourself, Yeppers this is the first step To Get You FOCUSED FOR SUCCESS!

As always, thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success, Here’s To Happiness

Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

Skype: cheryschmidt


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Please feel free to click here and learn more now..

focused for success
Retirement Planning With Chery Schmidt: Global Entrepreneur & E-Commerce Consultant: Partnering with positive like minded entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to succeed.

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  1. says

    Hi Chery,
    O My….
    What a pleasant surprise!! :-)
    Yet another wonderful success post from the talented pen of a wonderful writer and coach !! Chery the Terrific !!! :-) :-) :-)
    I am sure these tips given here are from an experienced personality who is fully eligible to say about it!!!
    I am sure again that if the readers pick one or two lessons from this post he or she will be just stepping into the steps of success!!! :-)
    I am bookmarking this post for my further read!
    Hey, thank you so much for the Post Script!!
    I am so grateful to you for the wonderful Guest post you prepared for me !
    And HA!!! Now yet another wonderful mention of it in your latest post.
    Thank you so much my dear friend!!! :-)
    May you have a wonderful day !!
    Keep informed!
    Keep sharing your valuable experiences to the benefit of fellow beings!!
    ~ Phil
    PS: I am sharing this post into my social site pages with your kind permission!

    • says

      Hello Philip, What a nice surprise and right on time my friend, I did share a link to your blog ( MY Article Today)
      We both must have been on the same page LOL

      Anyways Thanks for the wonderful comment, Always so nice to see you here..

      Chery :))

  2. says

    Hi Chery,

    There is that magic word – focused!!!

    Several years ago I read a book by Tony Jeary on the subject. One of the things he taught me was that two things have to happen for success:

    Clarity – you have to be really clear on who you are and what you do and then stay inside the boundaries. For you to achieve success you must remove the obstacles that take away from your clarity and add confusion.

    Focus – as you pointed out in your article. It’s a result of having clarity. Focus lets you see the task at hand and allows you to complete it.

    Here is the cool formula that really works for me: Clarity + Focus = Execution

    If one of those two are out of whack your execution and results will suffer as a result.

    Great post as always Chery. I love that you write down what you have to get done throughout each day. That really helps.

    I hope you have a great week!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • says

      Hello Don, What a great formula, I have never heard of Tony Jeary before, but this sure sounds like a book worth reading..

      As for me planning out my day in writing, I also write how things go such and how long it took me, who I connected with annd such.. This way I know how to plan for things like this the next time..

      Does that make sense? Well I do hope so LOL

      Thanks for the Awesome Advice, I do appreciate it..

      Chery :))

  3. says

    Hi Chery,

    You do make some wonderful points here! Yes, I do meditate the first thing of the day! I have to clear my mind so I can be focused on my schedule. Speaking of schedules…I do write things down because there are so many things to do in one day. I use a date book…you know, the kid that has paper and pen lol! It sits atop my desk so I can keep on rolling.

    Saying NO to the many things I am tempted to do is one thing I learned. It is difficult, especially when it comes from my friends online. But I explain to them that I just cannot fit things into my schedule. I’m lazer focused. So what’s a gal to do?


    • says

      Hello Donna, Sounds to me like you are on the right path.. Starting the day meditating, then sitting down and actually writing out a plan for you day is exactly what I like to do as well.. I do have to admit when I dont take the time to do so, I dont get a whole lot accomplished..

      WOWSY and for the NO THING OH YEH This is WHY I needed to mention it LOL hanks for our comment and visit, I do appreciate it.. Chery :))

  4. says

    Hi Chery,

    Your name is as sweet as you are. This is the first time that I got into your post at kingged. I really liked the topic. We all need an anchor to fetter us some where. I hail from India, a land know for its rich culture. Our ancient texts say to meditate on a regular basis. It helps improving both mind and body and given our mind which is the abode of God and body as the temple, it become all too necessary. But just see the irony. I don’t even meditate, though I know the implications of it. It helps steadying the mind and it is the key to get focused. We should also learn to draw a line and say no. In a day a number of distractions do keep popping up and most of us just go with the flow. It disrupts the level of focus and in the end we wind up with too many things to fret about.

    Also having a regular laid down schedule helps in planning and bring discipline to our life, which I believe is important too. A very good and really interesting article you have written. I found it very handy. Thanks a lot for posting it and all the best with meditation. Just do it for a month and you’re gonna be astonished with the result both in your personal and professional life. Have a great day ahead dear. And take care. See you soon.

    I got your article from

    I’d be grateful if you could take some time out and visit my blog and also drop in your comments. Looking forward to it.


    • says

      Hello and Welcome to my blog Sarmista, What an Awesome comment! I guess I am curious though, you say you are aware of all the benefits of meditation, you even told me I am going to be astonished with my results Yet You do not do so.. HUM? Is it the time? Well I do thank you for you comment and visit here today and Yes I will get over to visit and leave you a comment on your blog for you..

      Hope to see more of you here… Chery :))

  5. says

    Hello Chery!

    This is another attention-grabbing and stimulating post to read.

    Success comes if you are focused, dedicated and passionate in your world logically and self-explanatory.

    Just like you, Ryan also shared tips on blogging and meditation is one of his best tips that works for everyone and which I love. Additionally, I must say that to succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    • says

      Hello Metz, Everything you stated here is so true, I am happy to se that you are into meditating, like I said it is new to me but I am getting a few benefits from it already.. Thanks for the comment and the visit. I do appreciate it.. Chery :))

  6. says

    Great advice Chery!
    And it makes perfect sense! Pretty much every single road to real lasting success will start with
    sustained commitment and focus!

    And boy would your extremely timely advice have helped me out not only early on, but currently as well, if I’d learned to say no far more often to tiny little time consuming distractions, that ultimately did nothing more than to divert my focus, energy and attention away from from where it should have been and remained!

    And as far as any type of meditation goes, perhaps it’s time I truly give it a try! In any event, thanks so much for sharing your proven and extremely helpful and practical insights!

    • says

      Hello Mark, I think we have all been there my friend, I do think this is why I write a lot about these kind of challenges.. Oh Yes We learn as wel go HUH? NO Yes This is HUGE! I think about this one all the time, how much time and money I could have saved if only I would have said NO!! Yikes Well thanks for Firing me up LOL Just kidding Have a Great Weekend and Thanks for your comment and visit.. Chery :))

  7. says

    Hi Chery,
    Every entrepreneur needs to get focused for success. It becomes necessary to encourage any tool or strategy that would help us achieve that. Its handy seeing that you have shared invaluable tips that can help us get real FOCUS FOR SUCCESS.
    The discipline to apply the needed steps is all we need to get immediate results and remain focused Now.

    Thanks for sharing the meditation resources. I would try it and see what difference it would make for me! 😀

    This post was found in where it was shared and upvoted.

    • says

      Wooo Hooo Sunday You are going to Love Dawn’s Meditation MP3’s!! They are Free too.. Please let me know how you like them and what your results are from them.. OK

      It did take me a few months to get into the hang of them I always felt like I was wasting time-Like I should be doing something.. But that is not the case.. You are doing something.. You are working on YOU!

      Thanks for the comment and the visit, I do appreciate it.. Chery :))

  8. says

    Well said Chery. I’m a BIG believer in planning though personally I prefer to set up my task list at the end of each day for the next. For example this afternoon I’ll take time to review what I accomplished today and then work on what’s on the agenda for tomorrow – this helps me build on results and stay focused.

  9. says

    Hi Ma Chery,
    Actually it’s my first time on your blog and I’ll firstly compliment you for a wonderful blog.
    This is a wonderful article and I’ve just learn to “SAY NO” although it would kindof be difficult for me but I’ll have to do so.
    Thanks For The Big Share.
    Happy Blogging Time!
    I ran into your blog from kingged.

    • says

      Hello Larry, I love how you call me Ma Chery LOL How cool is that?? Yes Saying NO?? Wowsy I still have a hard time with this one especially when it comes to my kids HEHE Thanks for the comment I do appreciate YOU..

      Chery :))

  10. Dawn Blumetti Golden says

    Hey Chery. I have gotten back to my journaling habits where I recap today and plan tomorrow. It makes such a difference and keeps me moving forward!

    • says

      Hello Dawn, I love this comment Recap today and plan tomorrow.. What a Geat plan of action. Thanks for the comment and the visit. Oh I would like to you to go and take a look at my PS and head on over to Philip’s blog and learn how to set up your gravatar, this is very important OK A lot of blogs will not accept your comments with out this.. Chery :))

  11. says

    Hi Chery,

    Wonderful indeed :)

    Yes, without focus, how can one work?! If you don’t have a clear mind and goals set, I don’t think you can move ahead, no matter what profession you are from. I guess that’s why they say to always have everything chalked out well enough and planned before you take action.

    I agree with you – saying no is the hardest part, and it was the same with me. But I am glad I’m through that phase now, or else it can become very tough to do your own tasks, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • says

      Hello Harleena, Yes Indeed without focus we would not beable to move forward HUH! I am happy that you got over the NO thing HEHE I am still haveing a problem with this one is some area’s of my life right now, but I am dealing with it as best as I can LOL.. Thanks for the comment and your visit my friend, It is always so nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  12. says

    you are getting better and better and better :-)
    So many great points you wrote here, and yes, as you know, I do meditate and it is easy for me to have a clear mind.

    Focusing on what I need to do come easy.. but I must admit, sometime is not as easy to stick with it (like today, the weather was wonderful so I spend extra time enjoying the weather outside haha :-)

    For me when it comes to chedule it is like second nature… I write down things that have to be done, things that can be done and things that may be done.. and by the end of the day I always (well, sometime it just cannot happen) do what “have to be done” and plus, some of the “things that can be done” and few of the things that “may be done”… and, yes, and, sometime all of them will be completed .. I tell you when that happen I am truly solidified with the day hahah :-)

    Thanks so much for contributing so much to the community and all your followers that are increasing day after day.. Great for you my friend.

  13. says

    Hey Chery,

    All very good points indeed.

    I don’t meditate in the sense that you sit down and meditate but I do take some quiet time every morning. I’ve been told that’s a form of meditation. I also go down my gratitude list among a few other things before I even get online.

    I wrote out what I call my vision statement and it’s comprised of how I want my life to be. I read it out loud every single morning before I get online and I say and feel it with meaning.

    I also write out everything I need to accomplish during the day and I remain quite focused. I still have a hard time saying no, just like today I received an email from a subscriber that needed help with something so I helped her. Trust me, that will benefit me down the road so it was worth the time.

    But big things I try to keep into perspective because they can just be draining.

    Great share Chery and very important if we actually want to see results. Thank you for this post and hope you’ve been enjoying your day.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne, First off I have had a very exciting day today, thanks for asking..LOL

      Now lets talk a bout this meditation thingy here Yes I do believe quiet time is a form of meditating my friend, I also do Yoga every morning and this is part of my meditation, I can close my mind off to everything else and concentrate on every muscle in my body working, this is such a good way to start my day Love It Love It..

      As for The No OH YEH HUGE I to have troubles yet with this one HEHE But as you have stated this will benefit us down the road..

      Thanks for the Awesome Comment and Your Visit, Always so nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  14. says

    Hey Chery,

    While going through a post at Adrienne’s blog i have come across this post.

    You have summed up many points to remember while running a business.
    It’s really important to concentrate but sometimes it’s not that much easy. Entrepreneurs should meditate to focus.

    Focusing only at the goal it a key feature which people need to follow. It’s always recommended that business owners should try hard to boost up their business by focusing at their work.
    Bloggers should focus at their niche.

    there may come some negative thoughts in the mind but people need to drop them and move forward towards their dream.

    Great post indeed.:)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.:)


    • says

      Hello And Welcome to My Blog Ravi, Adrienne is Awesome isn’t she? I am very happy that you found my link and decided to stop by and that you did indeed get some value here today.. Thanks for adding to the conversation and I do hope to see more of you here.. Wishing You a Blessed Weekend Ahead as Well.. Chery :))

  15. says

    I am a started and after reading this i have got some positive energy in me in starting my own business.

    Thanks alot to you, will always remember you and this article

    • says

      Hello and Welcome my new friend. I am so happy that you found my blog and that I have given you some good value here.Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful comment, I do hope to see more of you here.. Chery :))

  16. says

    Hey, Chery! I agree that these are important ways to get focused for success. I have my quiet time in the morning. Sometimes I meditate. Other times I do whatever I need to do – – listen to my intuition, write, ponder, or whatever I need. And I have my plan written down. I have my system that I use for my planning . . . sometimes I’m very focused on it and sometimes I’m not :).

  17. says

    I don’t believe that you could have stated it any better. MLM and network marketing is an amazing profession, but it is very difficult and time consuming! If it was easy, then everyone would do it and be millionaires. The key is as you said, staying focuses. I started making me a weekly task sheet that I make myself complete so that I can progress as I want. Sometimes it is very difficult to say no, but it is something you have to learn to do if you want to be productive and successful. Thank you for sharing!

    • says

      Hello Kyle, This is a great idea my friend, actually taking time and writing out a task sheet WILL help make things happen in your business,, How can it not, you now have a Game Plan..Right? Thanks for adding to the conversation here today, I do appreciate it.. Chery :))

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