Attention Baby Boomers Time To Secure Your Financial Future

Secure Your Financial Future

Are you part of the baby boomer generation?

Are you looking to secure your financial future?

Attention Baby Boomers Secure Your Financial Future

If so are you Happy with where you are at in your career at this point in your life?

Today I am going to help you secure your financial future by showing you how a $20 monthly investment can work for you.

Does this peak your interest?

Well it should!

Scary Baby Boomer Statistics That Will Make You Want To Secure Your Financial Future

• Only 1% of Americans (Baby Boomers) will retire financially free.

• Only 4% will retire comfortably.

• And a Staggering 95% will retire below poverty level.

Pretty Scary Stuff, RIGHT?

We all know that traditional pensions ended with our parent’s generation and with social security as shaky as it is you had better have a game plan set to secure your financial future.

Attention Baby Boomers Secure Your Financial Future 1

Of course many of us baby boomers have contributed for many years to our retirement plans, now that was a great idea at the time.

But if you are anything like me, well my financial advisor told me to “Go Risky”!!

Yeh Great Idea To Secure Your Financial Future, but when the economy crashed, guess what went with it.

       “Yeppers” “Our Retirement Funds.”

Planning to secure your financial future, your retirement is not an easy thing to think about, but you had better start, because it is going to sneak up on all of us baby boomers whether we are prepared for it or not.

Baby Boomers Time To Take Control Of Your Own Financial Future

Things have been changing rapidly. The retirement life you dreamed of and planned for may not be the reality you always dreamed of.

      It Is Time To…

Attention Baby Boomers Secure Your Financial Future 111

Like I said things have really been changing, I bet you thought that your financial future would be better than that of you parents generation, didn’t you?

We all dream about retiring and having the money to do the things we always dreamed of, spending time with our grandchildren, taking vacations and just having a secure financial future.

But Is This How It Is?

I think not or you wouldn’t be here right now.

Sorry to be so honest but this is just how the world is and 95% of us baby boomers are living proof.

Baby Boomers Secure Your Financial Future With A Monthly Investment

I would like to introduce you to a system that I use that is helping me to finally reach my goals and helping to secure my financial future.

I also belong to a team of like minded online entrepreneurs ( Many of us are baby boomers ) and I would like to personally introduce you to them.

I am so happy to tell you that this team has found the perfect vehicle to help you secure your financial future.

╚► What You Need:

* Computer With Internet access

* Ability to Copy / Paste

* Follow Simple Directions

*Credit Card

I am here to tell you that it doesn’t matter if you have had previous online business experience or not.

What matters is that you are motivated to succeed and are willing to learn and become part of our team and ready to secure your financial future.

If you can follow along with some simple video instructions, then perhaps this is for you.

Now this is a home based business… not a job at Wal-Mart.

Here is what I want you to do. Click Here Now and sign in and listen in to secure your future today. 

I don’t want to be one of those people who tell you that it is going to be easy and that you don’t need to do anything, because quite frankly it is A Lot Of Work and as for easy, well there is a learning curve, but can be done.

I have been at this internet thing now for almost 5 years, oh yeh I have made some money but was never comfortable in doing so.

I have now found a legit company who have the tools and training in place to help us all succeed.

If you are looking for a vehicle to secure your financial future, restore your nest egg and create a wealthy future for you and your family, Go ahead and lock in your spot today. 

As always thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success

Here’s To Happiness

Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

Skype: cheryschmidt

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secure your financial future
Retirement Planning With Chery Schmidt: Global Entrepreneur & E-Commerce Consultant: Partnering with positive like minded entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to succeed.

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  1. says

    Hi Chery,
    What a timely plan!
    I am sure many will be benefited by this program.
    I am sure this is for me too! :-) :-) :-)
    I will be joining shortly and will get in touch with you :-)
    Great help to the people around.
    All Good Wishes To The People Involved.
    Keep Going!
    Keep Sharing!
    And Yeah,Keep Caring Too!!! :-) :-) :-)
    Have a wonderful week ahead
    ~ Philip
    PS: Hey Chery, I found this wonderful information today on the pages of
    Nice that you share.
    ~ Phil
    Philip Verghese Ariel recently posted…10 Top Security Tips For Bloggers – A Guest Post By Cassie PhillipsMy Profile

    • says

      Hello There Philip, I just love to help my team build their own success stories, Oh Yeh HAPPY DANCE HEHE

      Next month there are quite a few of us going to our companies Live Event so I cannot wait to share what I learn with my team..

      Wooo Hooo I am looking to Closing Out 2015 Strong And I Am Committed To Guiding Anyone Who Is Truly Serious About Building Their Online Business And Creating Their Own Success Story!

      Yeppers just let me know when you are ready and I will welcome you to the team and help to get you started.

      Thanks for starting out the conversation here today my friend, I do appreciate it..
      Chery :))

  2. says

    Hi Chery,

    When it comes to retirement I don’t think anyone could rely on their savings, pension (if that still exists) or even worse social security (maybe that one will be gone too) The financial woes of our society is pretty obvious.

    As a baby boomer myself, we do need to have a plan to do online work. Even my doctor is working online….Go figure?

    Donna Merrill recently posted…It’s Not What You Say, But The Way That You Say ItMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Donna, Pretty scary stuff HUH? And one we all need to stand up and take note of! Wow even your doctor has an online business, now that is certainly a good sign that we all should be right here.. Thanks for sharing my friend! Always nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  3. says

    Hey Chery,
    Its not baby boomers alone that need to secure their financial future. Every practical person should take steps to secure their financial future and live their desired dream.

    Its now to take action and be realistic. Yes, its not going to be easy because the value of precious metals is created by the fire of discipline, hard work, patience and persistence.

    Baby boomers ( and others) must now take steps to sign-up, take control and secure their financial future!
    In, this post was shared and I left the above comment on it!

  4. says

    Hello Chery,
    It is indeed very obvious that anyone who is still for the government to provide all their financial needs is making a mistake because sooner or later, he will be proven to be a fool.

    We all need a shift in the way we think, we need a change of mindset into this financial freedom of a thing and until we baby boomers start seeing things the way they are, we’re in for trouble.

    I love the idea you shared here and will certainly check out the link but, i thought you would have thrown more lights on the system.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…125 Marketing Quotes from Top BloggersMy Profile

    • says

      Hello and Welcome to my blog Theodore, You said it my friend, if you are counting on the government to take care of you when you retire, you are in for a rude awakening for sure!!

      Now as to your the rest of your comment about sharing more about what I do, well I have talked about this many times here on my blog and would be more then happy to talk to you about this as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the awesome comment, I do hope to see more of you here..
      Chery :))

  5. says

    Hi Chery,

    Baby boomers, I think this is the first time I heard it. Looks like I got a new term today. :)

    I agree that securing your financial future is important. You know many people in my country who wanted pension for their old age, so they feel secure that their old lives after retirement will have the funds for daily life.

    But, I don’t really agree with that. Instead I rely on a pension that is not that much, I prefer to create my own assets and invest. By doing so, I will continue to receive salaries even though I have entered the retirement age.

    You could say that I wanted to pursue my dreams than getting secure life with retirement money. I hope it can be realized immediately. :)

    Thanks for sharing this insightful post with us, Chery.
    I hope you success for everything you do. :)

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…Everything You Need to Successfully Manage a Virtual TeamMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Nanda, So you never heard the term Baby Boomers HUH Well it s a real term too.. Baby boomers are people born during the demographic post–World War II baby boom approximately between the years 1946 and 1964. And Yes I do fall into this category LOL

      Yes Indeed securing your financial future is important and as far as pensions go. well they are a thing of the past. Not many companies offer a pension to their employees any longer, so turning to the internet is a perfect solution. Even if you do have a JOB!

      Seems like you are headed in the right direction my friend, Keep up the good work.
      Thanks for sharing
      Chery :))

    • says

      Hello And good Morning Monna, You got is Girlfriend! No one is going to take care of us but US! And certainly not the government..

      Thank you for your kinds words my friend! Have an Amazing Weekend.
      Chery :))

  6. says

    I’m so sorry to hear about your retirement fund. Being a part time, self employed, work from home mom I always thought we’d be fine with my husband’s generous retirement package. Then the marriage ended. Now my retirement fund is some rapidly decreasing savings and my house. I do not want to lose my house!

    I’m pleased you’ve found something that works for you. Sounds great.
    Sue Bride recently posted…How to Improve Your WordPress Page Speed ScoreMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Sue, I think we are all in the same boat here my friend, the money sure goes out faster then it comes in HUH? Sorry to hear about your financial worries as well.

      I do own 3 houses and do hope I can continue to keep up with them. I am very grateful to finally have found a way to make some money here online and will continue to learn more and more about it. I am actually heading to Orlando the end of the month to go to an Event. Gotta Love multiple income streams..

      Thanks for sharing and do have an amazing weekend!
      Chery :))

  7. says

    Hi Chery,
    Oh man .. I am one of those “Baby Boomers”. There are SO many great opportunities out there to make money online, I am proof of that .. so you just have to connect with someone you know, like, and trust to point you in the right direction … :-) Great post my friend …
    Lesly Federici recently posted…Park Your Money HereMy Profile

    • says

      Good Morning and Happy Sunday Lesly! You said it Girlfriend! Look and Ask Right? It is actually that easy. but as you stated you do need to find someone you know like and trust. Thanks for sharing..
      Chery :))

  8. says

    Hi Chery

    You are SO right in what you say. It applies here in the UK too, and yes I lost one retirement fund, and now paying into another – all too little, too late.
    I wish my 34 year-old son would listen to what I (and you!) say. But at his age I wouldn’t take notice either.
    Anyway – happily I have an online business that I can run alongside my present self-employed computing and book-keeping businesses, so I’m building that to get it in place for when I need it.

    A timely warning that I hope many will heed.
    Joy Healey recently posted…Premier Cashback Salustra Health ProductsMy Profile

  9. says

    Hey Chery,

    I saw the most upsetting thing I think I’ve seen in quite some time this past Saturday.

    I had gone to store and as I drove up to the stop light there was an old man standing in the middle of the medium holding a sign. Now we have a LOT of homeless people in my area and I usually don’t pay any attention to them but this man was thin and old. His sign said that his wife had died and he couldn’t survive on social security. That one really got to me because I felt his pain.

    You’re right! We had a family that lived across to the street from my Mom before she moved and they had all their retirement invested in Enron. Well we all know what happened to that stock and they lost everything. You save and you save and you think you’re doing the right thing so that when it’s your time to retire you’ll be taken care of and even your investments can go south.

    You’re right my dear and I know you’re going to help those people who really need the help. We can no longer rely on what we thought would get us to the end. We have to step up and do more.

    I’m glad you’re helping some of those people Chery and you’re doing the work to show them how this is done. Keep it up my dear.

    Adrienne recently posted…How to Really Succeed With Your BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Adrienne, It must have been terrible to see that old man on the read, it does really hit home HUH? I have a friend who lost his wife not to long ago and he thought they were all set for retirement, well his wife never really filled him in on how their investments were going. Yikes! This was a rude awaking!

      I am now working with him and he will be alright, just like the rest of us, but we do need to get prepared.

      Thanks for stopping by Adrienne and for sharing your story and of course for your kind words..
      Love Ya
      Chery :))

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