Discover How To Build A Successful Online Brand

Do The Right Things When Building A Successful Online Brand

Are you doing the right things building a successful online brand?

  Yes I Am Talking About YOU!

Discover How Building A Powerful Brand Helps You

Do you know how to do this?

Well First you need to figure out what makes you different, this is what is going to make you dangerous.

Yes You need to get out of that comfort zone and push those limits.

No I have not always been this way, when I first got started online I was scared to death. I had no job but I learned that living on the edge is the only way to live.

How about You?

Yes you do need to get out of your comfort zone and Yes to be different in a way that gets the attention from others.

I believe this is what it takes to start building your successful online brand.

Let’s take a look at the definition of Successful-> Having attained wealth, position, honors, or the like.

I don’t know about you but this is exactly what I want people to think about when they think about me!

Be The Best Version Of You When Building A Successful Online Brand

We all want to be the best we can be Right?

Yes we all have the desire but we don’t have direction or the ability to know exactly what to do.

I know this from experience that it is hard to move from point a to point b and that desire is just not enough.      

successful Online brand

What are you willing to do to start building a successful online brand?

It really is not all that hard but you do need to make a commitment and get focused on what is important.


Online Branding Is A Strategy!

Passion Is A Commodity!

To Start Building A Successful Online Brand You Need Passion

Anyone can brand, but few have passion!

What I mean by this is very few people know how to tap into their passion.

Your goal to building your successful online brand is to build your passion. Yes building a successful online brand is just showcasing YOU!

So What Makes You So Powerful?


What Are You Passionate About?

This is what lies within you.

Do not be afraid to share with others all that is with in you.

Do things your way!

Don’t let anyone take this away from you.

You want people to be attracted to you because you are unique. Being memorable is key to successful online brand.

Building A Successful Online Brand The Right Way

Now I have had to learn the hard way but who you listen to, leads you!

I have been led down quite a few wrong roads in my entrepreneurial journey, yes I am the first to admit I have made many mistakes, I am an open book.

I do not want anyone to follow in my footsteps and I am very passionate about wanting you to have the best that life has to offer and I for one am all about helping others get it right the first time.

I am no longer concerned about the money, yes I do know we all have bills to pay and I do use my entrepreneurial ways to do this.

I am dead set on supporting others on how to start building their successful online brand. Why? Because I have learned from my mistakes.

Building A Powerful Brand Starts With Owning Your Presence

You need to build this trust!

You need to control the message that others see.

Put yourself in an environment that you have never been in before, your calling, your capabilities are there for the taking!

When you start building a powerful brand the right way opportunities will come to you.

Be confident when telling your story, remember this is YOU!

Building a powerful online brand in a way where others know what you can bring to the table so to say. Your experiences, your struggles, setbacks these all play a huge factor.

I have learned that when you can relate your struggles with others that you can connect on a deeper level and this makes you REAL!

The dream is not enough, you need direction, with out this you will experience frustration. I have been there and I do know that you need to stay focused and keep aligned with your passion.

Start where you are.

What you have is already enough, Yes you have more than enough, You have everything inside of you and I do look forward to helping you become all you can be.

I Believe In YOU!

As always, thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success, Here’s To Happiness

Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

Skype: cheryschmidt




successful Online brand
Retirement Planning With Chery Schmidt: Global Entrepreneur & E-Commerce Consultant: Partnering with positive like minded entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to succeed.

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  1. says

    Great tips Chery! This is certainly very important thing to have when trying to build a business online.
    Personal branding is a must have for business owners. This is where things begin. And I am glad to see that you have been making tremendous amount of progress on this front!

    Thank you for sharing these tips with everyone. Very helpful, indeed!


    • says

      Hello Kumar! Thanks my friend, I do wish I could have learned all of this when I first got started online it would certainly have saved me a lot of frustration let alone, time and money. Always nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  2. says

    I truly enjoyed reading this post. I have been working online for about 5 years, and it hasn’t been until, I’d say, the last 6 months, that I truly “got it” and grasped how brand myself. It took a few years a following others around and not getting anywhere to realize that I had to step out of the box and go my own way. It takes a lot of courage, patience, consistency and persistence to create a solid base. Thank you for sharing this article with us! All the best, Jeanne

    • says

      Welcome to my blog Jeanne! It seems we both had to learn the hard way HUH? It only took me 3 1/2 years though HEHE But you do have to admit that we did learn a lot along the way Right? Thanks you so much for sharing your story with us here today and I do hope to see more of you here.. Chery :))

  3. says

    Hi Chery,
    I think your first point is accurate: First we need to figure out what makes us different.

    I think there are so many things to think about when we create our website. Some of us are blogging as a hobby and some of us are trying to build a businesses. But, I do think the first thing we need to decide is “what makes us different”.

    We can decide topics and even techniques like writing posts, podcasts, Youtube videos. But, I think it does start with what is my theme, what is my approach going to be . . .what twist am I going to apply to make me different.

    I know I thought about that . . . and I still do :)

    I read this on

    • says

      Hello Barb! I think it will always be a work in progress HUH? The main thing is to just get started and them make the necessary tweaks along the way.. Thanks for the wonderful comment, I do appreciate it my friend!! Chery :))

    • says

      Wooo Hooo Mary You got that right Girl Friend!! You can waste a lot of time doing otherwise LOL Been there done that! Thanks for the comment and the visit I do appreciate it..Chery :))

  4. says

    Chery the share is interesting and I have learned a lot. It is worth reading, this will help figure out how to build an online brand. I think Startbucks is a great example here, they have successful offline branding strategies and implement them online.

    About controlling the message that others see, I must say that it is explicitly prohibited posting personal information, additionally, others forbid comments about anything unrelated to the products.

    I left this comment on, the content curation website and blogging community.

    • says

      Hello Metz! I am not sure the meaning of this comment my friend! Perhaps you can share what you mean by your message being prohibited, Sorry but this just does not make sense to me? Am I missing something here? Let’s get together and talk about what you mean by this?? Chery :))

  5. says

    Hi Chery,
    Great advice. As uncomfortable as it is, we all need to take a side-step and brand ourselves just a “little” differently than everyone else. It doesn’t have to be much but something unique that make us who we are and others to recognize us for that.

    Have a wonderful day. Monna

  6. says

    Hi Chery. I always enjoy reading your posts as you are always so encouraging of others. You have helped convince me that I too can have real success online.

  7. says

    Hi Chery,
    this is a post that could help a lot of people and that is what you obviously are intending to do and passionate about.
    I like the way you say that you are not concerned about the money side of things.
    We will attract what we need when we are authentic and vibrate what we are about.
    Great example!
    Thank you for sharing your insights!
    Love and Light!

    • says

      Hello Yorinda, It did take me a while to figure all of this out and Yes I am now passionate about my goals and looking to share with the world! Thanks for your kind words and as always you visit. Chery :))

  8. Diane Bester says

    You make many great points in your article about getting started in the right direction. I loved your tips. I am looking forward to your next article.

    • says

      Welcome to my blog Diane, So Grateful to see you and I Happy to see you are getting some value, Looking forward to see more of you here my friend!! Thanks for the comment and the visit.. Chery

    • says

      Hello Erika! I am so happy that you did indeed get some value for my post, and Yes I do hope it helps others as well. Thanks for the comment and the visit. Chery :))

  9. says

    Being you and building your brand on passion stand out to me Chery. I saw more attention when my blog became about me traveling all over the world, living the internet lifestyle. I hid before that. Learned my lesson though. Getting my theme redone and dedicating myself to being transparent helped me grow my brand quickly. Thanks for the share! I it, of course….found it there and yep, voted it up.

    • says

      Hello Ryan! You have done an Awesome Job with your branding my friend!! I love your blog as well as what you are all about.. Thanks for the comment and the visit, I do appreciate You! Always good to see you here.. Chery :))

  10. says

    Hey Chery
    This was a really great post, and something I found very helpful personally. I especially like being transparent about your own life and story–that is a great way to connect with people and inspire them.
    I just started my blog last month and really have no idea what will become of it, but I do have some ideas. You provided a lot of advice that I will be personally applying to my ‘brand-building’ efforts.

    • says

      Welcome to my blog Kelli! Super excited to see you here my friend! Your blog is Awesome! I loved your 5 part series about the law of attraction You are Rocking It!! I am looking forward to checking out what you have in store for us next! Keep up the Great Work!! Thanks for the comment and the visit. Hope to see more of you here .. Chery :))

  11. says

    Hey Chery
    I tried to post this below, but was getting an error message saying it was a duplicate comment.

    This was a really great post, and something I found very helpful personally. I especially like being transparent about your own life and story–that is a great way to connect with people and inspire them.
    I just started my blog last month and really have no idea what will become of it, but I do have some ideas. You provided a lot of advice that I will be personally applying to my 'brand-building' efforts.

  12. says

    Hi Chery,

    I have to agree with you. Branding is everything. Even clients that I’m starting to take on are starting to learn this new concept and many of them never knew of a concept like this existed. Thanks for the great post!

    • says

      Wooo Hooo Nate! Welcome to my blog My Friend!! It is so nice to see you here! You are so Right Branding Is Everything! This is why the failure rate is so high in this industry! People DO NOT join your business THEY JOIN YOU!! Thanks for the comment and the visit.. Hope to see more of you here! Chery :))

  13. says

    Excellent points Chery and this happens to be kind of a hot point for me. As important as identifying your USP (unique selling proposition) is – the exercise is worthless unless you translate that regularly and consistently into content that clearly conveys what you are about. I appreciate it can be challenging to keep coming up with fresh content, and even seasoned bloggers stray off topic from time to time. But if that becomes the norm then the message of what makes you stand out in the crowd will be lost to your readers.

    • says

      Hello Marty! It is all a learning curve HUH! God knows it took me a long time to figure it all out LOL Standing out from the crowd is really not that hard when you know who you are HUH? Thanks for sharing here today! Always so nice to see you here my friend.. Chery :))

  14. says

    Hi Chery,

    That was an awesome post. Personal branding is something much crucial these days. Yet, all this while, I haven’t been giving it much serious thought! But hey, there’s still time to put in some efforts in that direction, right?

    Putting the best version of one forward is crucial, I guess. Because people love things that are well presented, polished etc. Thus, putting forward such a version for them to see will surely help! :)

    Passion too will come handy here, just as you said. Find out the true passion, say it to others and don’t being shy/afraid about what you say- these steps will sure help one go a long way, when it comes to personal branding.

    I found the link to this article on Kingged.


    • says

      Hello Arun! Branding is very important my friend People DO NOT join your business They join YOU!! I hope you realize this I am working on a follow up ost to this one because it is such an important subject.. Thanks for the comment and the visit, I do appreciate it!! Chery :))

  15. says

    Wonderfully, simply truth here Chery – we are our Brand … and finding that passion, and expressing that to the world in our business is just like an extension of our personalities in more social occasions … letting ‘ourselves’ shine through the business persona.
    It’s worth all the time it takes to find :)

    • says

      Welcome to my blog Jacs and thank you so much for adding to the conversation. You are so right We are Our Brand! I do hope to see more of you here.. Chery :))

  16. says

    LOVE your enthusiasm… it’s infectious every time I visit your blog :-) When it comes to your passion, a lot of people get lost over this. The best way to discover it it just to think about what you gravitate to … it’s that simple. We all have something we love to do. Acknowledge it and stay with it…

  17. says

    As you suggest, Chery, your brand is best expressed when you are “telling your story”.

    So many people don’t believe that their story is worth telling, but it’s the only one that is. It’s not important to have an incredible story. What’s essential is that it’s our story, and that we are incredibly passionate about telling it.

    • says

      Hello David! Wow How true! When I first started blogging I was told to tell my story and I though Yeh Right! Who wants to know about little Ole Boring Me! HEHE Now that I look back I had a better story back then to talk about then I do now. If only I knew the importance of building a successful inline brand years ago.. Thanks for the wonderful comment. I do appreciate it.. Chery :))

  18. says

    well, you done it again.. you are surpassing all your previous set goals day after day.. good for you :-)

    It is so clear that youa re the real YOU in all you do, say and think.. and I cannot help it to think back when you told me that you love to make changes for the better and changed for the better you did my friend.

    I can imagine how busy you have become coaching many of your new and past friends on what you believe to be true success.. not certain you are recording any conversations.. but for sure it will be a great addition to your credentials.. (idea idea hahah :-).

    Thanks so much for enlightening me once more with your natural talents.

    • says

      Wooo Hooo Nick! You are such an Awesome Friend! And to think you helped to run me around, Oh yeh I was a very low point in my life and was ready to give it all up, but you my friend helped to bring this passion back to life. For this I will be forever Grateful. I Love the idea of recording conversations, wait a minute we do Google Hangouts where everything is recorded HEHE Thank You for the wonderful comment and as always the visit.. Chery :))

  19. says

    How ironic Chery – I just wrote a post about this same topic today. Great minds think alike. :)

    I love what you said here, “Online Branding Is A Strategy! Passion Is A Commodity!” Both are so true. It takes a commitment to build an online brand. A commitment to being the real authentic you, and to showing up on a daily basis. Both can be brand killers if you don’t take the time to do it right and in a way that’s true to who your are.

    • says

      Wooo Hooo Rebekah! Yes Indeed Great Minds Do Think Alike!! LOL Thanks for adding to the conversation here today, always so nice to see you here my friend! Chery :))

  20. says

    Wow Chery!

    Two great pieces of informative. (A.) Online branding is a strategy. (B.) And passion is a commodity! Fantastic!

    The really great thing is everybody if nothing else, everybody has their own unique story to share! But it takes a great coach as yourself to show us how to do it!
    Thanks so much for sharing your insights!

  21. says

    I’m trying hard to build this on-line brand, and yes, I’m passionate about it! And maybe I’m brave too – after all, how many would try to promote a character like this? LOL Thanks for the post and all the encouragement. :)

    • says

      Hello Miss Mae! You are sooo right on my friend! Keep up the Great Work! Love Your I.B.Nosey Character HEHE Thanks for adding to the conversation here today. Have an Awesome Day! Chery :))

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