Grab The Magic Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Your Subconscious Mind And Positive Affirmations

A few days I was out doing my rounds of visiting blogs and came to Lesly Federici’s blog and the title of her post was “Breaking The Cycle Of Stink”


Interesting HUH? Well Lesly talked about Stinkin Thinkin!

And this really got me thinking and brought me to an article I wrote back in November “Imprint Powerful Affirmations Into Your Subconscious.” There is also a Mind Movie, so feel free to click here head on over and check this out.

Now one of the main challenges people have when it comes to using the magic power of your subconscious mind is that they are not crystal clear on what they want.

A lot of times people just focus on what they don’t want, for example, “I don’t want to be in debt any more” “I can’t afford it”

The real power of your subconscious mind comes from focusing on what you do want.

Sounds Simple, Right?

Well it actually is, don’t go over complicating the subconscious mind process, just follow a few simple suggestions and actually take action and do this.

Clear Intentions In Order For Your Subconscious Mind To Work

You need to focus exactly on what you want in order for your subconscious mind to work for you!

This will give clear intentions to the universe.

Do you know exactly what it is you want?

Grab The Magic Power Of Your Subconscious Mind 1

To help you I want you to pick out 3 clear goals that you would like to reach.

These can be anything you want to program into your subconscious mind, money goals, personal goals, or even a vacation destination.

Now take out a piece of paper and write these down, yes do this now.

Specify clearly and specifically as possible, almost like you are placing an order with the universe for what you want to come into your life.

Once you have your list together take this list with your goals and tape it to the bathroom mirror.

This is how you will start programming your subconscious mind.

Why the bathroom mirror? Because this is the first place we go in the morning and the last place we go before crawling into bed each night.

This will create a subtle shift in your thinking and will loosen up your vibrations which will signal to the universe that you are ready to bring everything and attract these things into your life.

From here on out you will magnetically attract all the people, resources and golden opportunities that you desire.

What You Thinketh In Your Subconscious Mind, So You Are!

Habitual thinking will help you mold your destiny, by using the power of your subconscious mind.

All you have to do is hold those thoughts mentally and emotionally with the good you wish for (the 3 goals you wrote down) and the creative powers of your subconscious mind will respond accordingly.

Begin now, today, let those wonders happen in your life.

Your subconscious mind is principle and works according to the law of belief, so you must know what your beliefs are, why they work and how they work.

What this means is to believe in the way your mind works, to believe in belief itself.

The belief of your mind is the thought of your mind, it is that simple. According to this belief it is done.

Your subconscious mind has the answers to all your problems, if you suggest this right it will respond accordingly.

Remember never use the terms “I don’t” “I can’t” Your subconscious mind takes you at your word and sees to it that you will not get what you are thinking about or the ability to do what you want. Affirm I can do all things through the power of my subconscious mind.

How Your Mind Works

You have a mind so you should learn how to use it. There are two levels of your mind the conscious (Rational) and subconscious (Irrational) You think with your conscious mind and whatever you habitually think about sinks down into your subconscious mind. Now this creates your reality, so what you think about you will bring about.

Grab The Magic Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

You do not have two minds, they are merely two spheres of activity in one mind. Your conscious mind is the reasoning mind, the one that makes the choices for you. Your subconscious mind accepts what is impressed upon it or what you consciously believe.

This is why it is so important to have those goals written down, because the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between true and false, it only responds to the nature of your thoughts or suggestions.

Now by reading those goals you wrote down over and over again your subconscious mind will accept this as truth and bring about the results.

I am far from a pro on all of this but I love to study the law of attraction and the powers of your subconscious mind.

And from this I have learned we move toward and become what we think about that our thoughts today shape our tomorrow.

If you believe that is true, what are you going to think about? I choose wealth and abundance.

Feel free to join me.

Oh Yeh Remember Lesly?  Well Click here now and go and read her article Breaking The Cycle Of Stink and also check out her list to follow on a daily basis to literally Help You Grab The Magic Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.

As always thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success

Here’s To Happiness

 Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

Skype: cheryschmidt

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  1. says

    Great inspirational post Chery! I make a point of walking every morning and during those walks I repeat my positive affirmations/list for the universe like a mantra while I walk. I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking and I since I am such a visual person I also attach vivid visualizations to the words.

    • says

      Hello and Welcome to my blog Tracy! I love your comment and do agree affirmations along with a visualizations to go along with them is an Awesome Idea! It has been a long time since I freshened up my visualization board, this is a great reminder.

      Thanks for starting out the conversation on my blog today, I do hope to see more of you here.
      Chery :))

  2. says

    Hey Chery,

    I’ve heard that term, stinkin thinkin so glad that Lesly’s post inspired you to chat about this topic again.

    I know that just positive affirmations alone won’t bring into our existence what we want but the more you think about what you really want the more excited you get and that feeling along with the thoughts definitely will start to help bring into your life what you desire.

    It really can be that simple when you start looking at the way you think about things. Like you said, get the words can’t and won’t out of your vocabulary and watch how things will start to show up. That’s the fun part about this.

    Hope those eager to get things started will take your advice Chery and thanks for sharing this topic with us.

    You have a marvelous week now.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne! Yes Ma’am NO Stinkin-Thinkin in this household my friend! HEHE I love how you put things it is so true change your thinking and you can change your life.

      Awesome Comment, Thank you o much for adding to the conversation, Always so nice to see you here..
      Chery :))

  3. says

    Thank you Chery! You always get me excited when I read your posts. We have been dealt with financial struggles for what it seems like the past 6 years or 5 lol, it has been going on so long I can’t remember.
    So my first one I wrote down was “Financial Stability Consistently”, secondly to be more organized with my work so I feel more in control. Third: To be able to purchase groceries weekly lol–sounds dumb probably but its just something we haven’t been able to do in a long time. Thank you again!

    • says

      Hello Becky! I love that you are taking action, it does all start with setting those goals my friend! Keep up the good work and don’t look back just keep on keeping on as they say! You are doing a great job, Thank YOU So Much For Sharing and of course for your kind words. Chery :))

  4. says

    Hey Chery! What an inspirational post! The mindset is truly where everything starts and constantly repeating positive affirmations to ourselves is really important to keep us focused on our end goals.

    • says

      Hello Hoodak, I love affirming what I want to be true LOL Focusing on the right affirmations is so important. Thank you for adding to the conversation, I do appreciate it.. Chery :))

  5. says

    Hi Chery,

    I did read Lesly’s post and it was fantastic. I love working with the subconscious mind. I’ve been doing it for years.

    I started with affirmations, then went on to hypnotherapy…Rapid Eye Movement, and so on. Call me a therapeutic junkie, but I just love doing this stuff. It really works. I had some ‘fears” in my subconscious mind. Rationally I knew what they were, but I couldn’t get over the hump, so I went for hypnosis and boom…gone with the wind.

    I still do self talk, affirmations, and many other modalities to pay attention to the subconscious mind because I just don’t like anything to get in my way!


    • says

      Hello Donna, Wow you got hypnotized? How cool is that! I am not to sure about that one HEHE I seen Dr Steve Taubman hypnotize people at a live event I went to in Dallas FREAKED ME OUT!

      But I am so happy it worked for you and do thank you for sharing with us here today! It is always so nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  6. says

    Some mighty powerful stuff Chery!

    And it’s obvious that far too many people focus on “what’s” not possible
    and practical, instead of “what” it!

    So I think you are provided a much needed service!Something that if
    consistently practiced, could have an extremely positive impact on their

    • says

      Hello Mark and Welcome to July My Friend! I do believe it is all about having that positive attitude! If you do take the time to write down your goals and then work on them daily chances are you are going to get a lot farther VS not doing anything Right?

      Thanks for sharing, make it an Awesome New Month Ahead..
      Chery :))

  7. says

    Hey Chery,

    So many people focus on what’s not possible or what they don’t want and as a result they get it. It’s true that the subconscious can’t distinguish what’s right or what’s wrong, it only focus on what you think. Whatever you focus on is what you’re going to attract. So we definitely want to be careful of what we put our attention to or else we’ll attract what we really don’t want.

    Thanks for the share Chery! Have a great rest of the week!

    • says

      Good Morning Time Sherman, Well said my friend! Focusing on those things you do want is oh so important.. Thanks for adding to the conversation here today, I do appreciate it.. Chery :))

  8. says

    Hi Chery,
    Thank you so much for the share.. appreciate it. the subconscious mind is an interesting thing … it not only protects us in various ways, but it can also hold us back from achieving what we want. It’s a mental library holding all the data of your life – memories, experiences and so much more. It’s the power house! And the good news here is you can change it by creating new habits. Wonderful post.. and thank you again.. Love you much …

    • says

      Good Morning Time Lesly! I am certainly honored to shae your post my friend, it was your words Stinkin Thinkin that got my mind geared to write this post. It is so important to program our subconscious minds with positive VS the the other LOL

      I am do Grateful to have met you and to have such a special friend in my life. Love You To Girl!

      Thank You for all you do.
      Have a Great 4th of July weekend Coming up.
      Chery :))

  9. says

    Hey Chery,

    Great post. While I was reading I got to thinking what I could put on my index card to tape to the bathroom mirror and then I saw 100’s of them taped to the mirror. I think I need to slow down and as you said, Focus on 3.

    Thanks for your great insights.

    • says

      Hello Monna, You are So Funny! I just love you to pieces girl friend! Thanks for adding to the conversation, I do appreciate YOU! Have an Amazing Holiday Weekend Ahead… Chery :))

  10. says

    Hi Chery, Great post…and I’ve already taken action by writing…now I will have to get some index cards to start taping to the mirror. I had previous read Lesly’s blog post which was great. We definitely do need to focus on good things to put into our subconscious. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • says

      Hello BG! I love this, I do have my list on my mirror as well, It does make for great conversations when company comes. LOL Thanks for sharing and do have a Great 4th of July Weekend.. Chery :))

  11. says


    Great article on the mind and I have used the taping things on mirrors and vision boards to keep things in the forefront of your thoughts. Lesly’s post was a great one and I ma glad you mentioned it. This is all great motivational stuff that we all need.

    Many Thanks


  12. says

    I read this post yesterday but you got me thinking so much I’m just coming back to say thank you now. I’ve been looking for relaxation videos and simple affirmations for my son who, because of autistic symptoms, often finds the outside world a scary place.

    I’ve done a fair bit of work on myself in the past, taming what was a racing, often negative, mind, and reducing high anxiety levels. My mind is still inclined to race but now with all the things I want to do, rather than not want to do. I’ll do as you suggest and write down 3 goals and work on achieving those.

    That subconscious mind long remembers what we’ve consciously imposed on it so it takes time and practice to change it. Your suggestions are excellent. Having constant visual reminders really helps but I’d not thought of sticking them to the bathroom mirror where we consistently see them.

    • says

      Hello Sue, Awesome comment my friend! I am happy to see that my post got your mind a spinning so to say LOL Love it! I also have my list on my bathrooom mirror as well as the one along side my bed, I thought what the heck it certainly cannot hurt Right?

      Thanks for sharing your story with us and do keep me posted on your results OK Have a Wonderful Week Ahead. Chery :))

  13. says

    I love this part – “The real power of your subconscious mind comes from focusing on what you do want.”

    You’re right – we often think only of those things we don’t want. You know, the pain, the struggles, the things we want to shed from our lives.

    But I have found what you say to be 100% spot on – our subconscious mind works best with positivity.

    • says

      Hello and Welcome to my blog Bill, I also love that part LOL Thanks for sharing and I do hope to see more of you here. Have an Amazing New Week Ahead.. Chery :))

  14. says

    Lesly is awesome, isn’t she?

    You’re right, it is so important to focus on what you DO want, because if you focus on what you don’t want, that’s likely what you’re going to get more of.

    • says

      Hello Willena, Oh So true my friend! Lesly Is the Best! And as for FOCUS! Oh Yeh It had better be on what you want.HUH? because we both know what happens when you dont Right? Thanks for adding to the conversation here tonight, Always so nice to see you here! Chery :))

  15. says

    Hi Chery,

    It’s always refreshing to read your posts. There’s always something new to learn and the realization that it is not too difficult to steer our lives in the right direction.

    Thanks for this motivational post. I will be implementing the positive assertions from this guide!

    Have a great day ahead!

    • says

      Hello Nisha, I am so Happy to see that you are getting some value from my posts, of course this is my whole reason for sharing them :))

      Thank you for your visit and your kind words, always so nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  16. says

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