How To Mastermind Your Way To Success Online

Mastermind Your Way To Success Online

First off let’s talk about what exactly masterminding really is.

Masterminding is where you get together with a group of like minded entrepreneurs and we all help each other create the life we want.

Nobody wants to go it alone nor should you!

If you are here today then my guess if that you are looking for success online, this is the goal of masterminding.

We all get together and challenge each other to set those goals and then help each other to achieve them.

How To Mastermind Your Way To Success Online

What I Am Talking About Is A Mastermind Group!

This is where we as online entrepreneurs get together and take turns brainstorming our idea’s for success online, we share our tips and tricks that we have learned along the way and also help to keep everyone accountable for reaching their goals.

Masterminding With Like Minded Online Entrepreneurs

Last week while I was on FaceBook one of my friends asked me if I wanted to join him on Google+ he wanted to see if he could figure out how to use the business hangout feature.

Well my friend was having some challenges, so I went and started my own Hangout Wooo Hooo I did it!

All of a sudden people started to show up.

It Was So Cool!

We talked about the success rate of online entrepreneurs.

Do you know the statistics?

They say only a measly 3% of online entrepreneurs actually become successful online.

How To Mastermind Your Way To Success Online 1

What Do You Think?

My thoughts are there are way too many online entrepreneurs who are just in this business for the money!

They will tell you anything just to get your money and once they get it then they just leave you hanging.

What do you think about the idea of masterminding with like minded online entrepreneurs where we can all band together and share idea’s, talk about our struggles and try to come up with a way where we can turn these statistics around?

Masterminding With Like Minded Online Entrepreneurs To Change Statistics

There are literally billions of people online and if we could capture the attention of just one million of these who are interested in joining forces with us and masterminding with us, just think what we could do.

Do you think it is possible?

Of course it is everyone single one of us has at least 10 friends that we know who have been scammed in some form or another online.

We are all tired of seeing people struggle online, let’s throw these scammer’s off the internet.

I took the first step and wrote this post here now the second step is for you to just jump into the conversation, share your story and let’s get connected.

Yeppers I am going to do this with or without you.

So be honest with yourself, if you have been struggling or sick and tired of watching others struggle, connect with me and let’s get on a hangout.

If you don’t have an Google account, go ahead and set this up, get one it is free.

All I want is for everyone to just start masterminding with like minded online entrepreneurs and create your own online success.

My idea for this article actually came from a post I read over on Amy Porterfield’s blog- Masterminding Your Way to Success!

At the end of her post she shared a free workbook MastermindMastermindMastermindMastermind6 Easy Steps for Forming a Mastermind.

How To Mastermind Your Way To Success Online 11

Of Course I Did Go And Pick Up My Copy.

I did notice at the end she even shared an email template as a guide for reaching out to other online entrepreneurs to join us.

Oh Yeh this got me fired up alright and excited to either find a mastermind group to join or start my own.

What a grand idea, Right?

To challenge each other to create and implement our goals, brainstorm solutions, and to help keep each and everyone of us accountable for online success.

Below is a link to Amy’s post.

Click Here Now And Check This Out.

Masterminding Your Way to Success

If you are serious about creating the life you want as well as help to change the lives of others with online success.

Like I said above do what ever it takes and connect with me now and start Masterminding With Like Minded Online Entrepreneurs! 

As always thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success

Here’s To Happiness

Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

Skype: cheryschmidt

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  1. says

    Hi Chery, I think masterminding is an excellent option for helping everyone. I’ve been involved in 3 as of late and I love them . There are those ideas which we each bring to the session, and those ideas which we collaboratively come up with. What can be better than that. Great post.

    • says

      Hello BG! Wow 3 mastermind groups!! How Awesome Is That!! I would love to hear about them, I am going to shoot you over a message on FaceBook. Thanks for starting out the conversation with such an AWESOME Comment..
      Chery :))

  2. says

    This sounds like a great idea when and where? I sure do like the fact that you will set something like this up and willing to help those of us who don’t understand how to be succes )

    • says

      Hello and Welcome to my blog Seth, it was so nice chatting with you today and I do look forward to working with you my friend. Thank You so much for stopping by and leaving me such an Awesome comment, I do appreciate it.. Chery :))

  3. says

    Hey Chery,
    You are right we should start Masterminding With Like Minded Online Entrepreneurs! This is a strategy that have been adopted by many successful entrepreneurs – online or offline!

    What matters is that we identify the ‘right’ mastermind group – because not all groups are worth joining – and participate fully by sharing and promoting value.

    The right mastermind group can help a member develop faster than anticipated! I agree with you that success – to a large extent – for the online entrepreneur is hinged around masterminding with like minded online entrepreneurs!

    I left the above comment in as well

    • says

      Hello Sunday! I do agree you don’t just want to jump into any old group, you don’t want to waste your time Right? What we do want is to do is reach our goals. Thanks for your comment and visit my friend! I do appreciate it.. Chery :))

  4. says

    Connecting with like-minded individuals is one of the best ways to stay motivated and learning new tricks from each other. The road to success can be a lonely road sometimes as many of your trusted friends may not want to do what you are doing, and they may not have the same mentality as you when it comes to certain things. That does not mean that they can be your friend, but that is something you will not be able to connect with them on. So, you have to go out and find other people to connect with and share ideas with. Great post!

    • says

      Hello Lawrence, Wow you said it all with this comment! None of friends, I mean ZERO Of them are entrepreneurial minded! I invited a few to take a look at what I had going on a few different times and could not believe the kind of answers I got. I had one friend tell me she DOES NOT WANT TO BE HER OWN BOSS! WOW Who wouldn’t? I couldn’t believe it! So yes it was at that time I knew it was time to make some new friends with the same mindset.

      It is very lonely trying to figure out things on your own and NO reason to do so either! There are so many wonderful people online in the same boat as we are HUH?

      Loved your comment my friend! Thanks for adding to the conversation I do appreciate it..
      Chery :))

  5. says

    Networking is definitely the way to go Chery!

    And the more we interact with successful, like minded individuals, we will
    only get better!

    So glad that you’ve decided to lead in this particular area! Their is no
    shortage of people that can definitely use some qualified help,
    from all kinds of credible sources!

  6. says

    Hi Chery

    Very thought-provoking post indeed.

    Being with like-minded people has several benefits and the biggest one is constant introspection to know if one is going right direction by comparing with the performance of the others.

    It is well known to all that if someone doesn’t feel motivated or has some demotivation in a company or group of people he should seriously think to quit them and join people who really be beneficial to him.

    I observed success is a mindset those who succeed actually born to success and they do their every kind of work keeping in mind their success goals.

    Those who get mediocre level of success actually don’t keep their goals ahead every time they do any work and most of the time they get away from the right track.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very lovely post on masterminding the way to success.

    Have a great rest of the week.

    • says

      Hello Mi Muba, I loved the way you explained how you observed these different mindsets, it sure is the truth my friend! Either we are all in or we are not! Correct? This is the determining factor to our success. I do think that masterminding with others is a good way to get yourself back on track though.
      Thanks for adding to the conversation, I do appreciate it.. Always so nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  7. says

    Hi Chery,

    Yeah, collaborating and supporting each other is the best way to speed up our online success. Am part of so many mastermind groups already and I do spend enough time, helping out others and sharing my own and other people’s stuff on the social media – and grow an audience at the same time.

    Will check out Amy’s post and get my copy of the work book. Thank you for sharing,

    Uttoran Sen,

    • says

      Hello Uttoran, I love that you belong to all these Mastermind Groups! As I stated in my post I would like to find myself a group to join or start one of my own LOL Thank for sharing And do enjoy Amy’s free workbook.
      Chery :))

  8. says

    Hello Madam Chery,

    One thing is clear, no man is an island and we all need each other to survive and I just love the fact you’ve created a hangout.

    Connecting with like minded individuals with a common purpose is a great thing to do and I will be considering joining your hangout as well.

    • says

      Hello Kabie and Welcome to my blog! It is mighty lonely to be alone HUH? HUM Did that even make sense? I guess s HUH? Thanks for sharing my friend, lets connect on Facebook. Hope to see more of you here as well. Chery :))

  9. says

    Hi Chery,

    Masterminding is absolutely wonderful! I have done many in the past and am now on a new one with other marketers.

    It is a great way to get feedback, grow business, and share others. I frequently join masterminds when getting my hands on information doing something new.


    • says

      Hello Donna, I know PAC has a mastermind group but it is on Wed, Of course the only day of the week that I have prior engagments, Is this the group you are talking about? HUM Well I will catch up with you over and Facebook.
      Talk Soon and Thanks for sharing I do appreciate it..
      Chery :))

  10. says

    Hi Chery,

    A Mastermind group is essential for success and I’m glad that you’ve emphasized that.

    Someone once said, who you follow determines what follows you.

    So if you brainstorm with successful people, you’d become successful.

    I’m glad I read this post, thanks Chery.



  11. says

    Hello Chery!

    “Masterminding With Like Minded Online Entrepreneurs” it is undeniably a great idea that can be shared to beginners. Teaming up with like minded entrepreneurs and help each other reach goals is a brilliant idea. Doing so will fasten the success each member has.

    “They say only a measly 3% of online entrepreneurs actually become successful online.” this sounds horrible and I couldn’t agree with you Chery, many entrepreneurs are in the business just to make money. They are selfish, which isn’t good. It’s blocking their online success.

    Becoming successful needs good attitude and passion. I’m pretty sure many will join in your hangout/group Chery! No doubt! :)

  12. says

    Hi Chery,

    Insightful article, indeed! :)

    I think it’s something less from me, perhaps more precisely, it’s less from the environment around me. You know, there are not many online entrepreneurs in my area. When I told them about online or dreams that I want to reach out online, most of them don’t understand. Yes, conventional thinking is still very strong here.

    At first it was very disturbing to me, and a bit lonely. 😆 But, I’ve got over it now. I thinks differently and I have accepted it as part of me. :)

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post with us.
    Hope you can enjoy your weekend!


    • says

      Hello Nanda, The internet is an amazing place my friend! We don’t need to go bothering our friends or family because there are so many people whom we can reach out to online.

      That is why I like communities like Kingged, Oh yeh there are a lot of them if you look.

      Thanks for the wonderful comment,
      Chery :))

  13. says

    You’ve certainly made a great argument for mastermind, Chery.

    Truly, building an online business goes way deeper than just grabbing a magic formula (which doesn’t exist) to make fast money.

    It involves working through strategies and proven methods that are common to all internet and network marketers. Masterminding is one of the most powerful methods for learning how to put all this together, for getting help, support and developing accountability.

    Thanks for giving so much great information and pointing us all in the right direction, Chery.

    • says

      Hello David, You my friend are very fortunate! You get to mastermind everyday right in your own house LOL I wish I had this kind for support. BUT I do not so, the next best thing is to set something up Right? LOL

      Thank you for your awesome comment David and for your kind words, I do appreciate it..
      Chery :))

  14. says

    Hey Chery,

    I’ve actually was looking for a mastermind group for this past year. I wanted to start one and talk to a few people but it still never established one.

    I have started one in the past, but it didn’t work out. But one thing I learned from this experience is to make sure that everyone is on the same page. My experience was that one person was trying to get us to join them in their network marketing business as well as they were focused on other things. From that take, they weren’t really serious and more focus on making quick money.

    Another experience was the one person was focused on offline marketing techniques, another was focused on online marketing, specifically PPC, and I was focus on creating a great funnel and blogging. So there wasn’t any cohesiveness as far as our group.

    So yes I would be interested. Let me know the details.

    Thanks for sharing Chery! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

    I found your post on under the category of Make Money Online!

    • says

      Hello Sherman, I to have been in these kind of situation! I agree that is NOT what a mastermind group is for, a mastermind group should be focused on helping each other achieve goals. I will let you know when I get things set up OK

      It is going to get pushed back a month now I just found out I need to go and take care of my parents for a month, so my internet time will be after they go to bed at night..

      Thanks for your Awesome comment and talk soon.
      Chery :))

        • says

          Thank You Sherman, I to am looking forward to putting together a mastermind group, perhaps we could work together on this, what do you say?

          And as for my parents, well I am looking forward to spending a few weeks with them it is only a matter of time and they will have to go to an assisted living home. Sad to say but with my dad going blind and mom in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s they just cannot take care of themselves for much longer.

          Thank you for replying my friend, I do look forward to talking with you about all of this.
          Chery :))

  15. says

    Hey Chery,
    Great post. It was so cool to hear about your Hangout that people just started showing up to and talking about online work. I’ve thought of doing that a few times but just haven’t taken the step to do it.

    Have you created a Mastermind group of your own or joined another one?

    Wishing you continued success.

    • says

      Hello Monna, To answer your question NO I have not started a hangout yet nor joined one! I have some family issues I do need to tend to right now, ( I’s share in more detail with you on FB)

      Anyways this will be put on the back burner for now! But is on the top of my priority list when I get back online.

      Thank You for sharing!

  16. says

    Hi Chery,

    Informative post indeed!

    To truly succeed online we need the help of one or two persons that’s where masterminding comes in.

    The power of joining such groups cannot be overstated and it could be the beginning of one’s online success.

    I haven’t joined any of such groups because I’ve being a little skeptical about it especially as most of them want to make fast moneg but after reading this post I’ll be joining soon. Who doesn’t like being around like minds?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a terrific week.

    • says

      Hello Kore, You got it girl, no one wants to go it alone, nor should you! There are those who just want your money then there are those ( Like Me) Who just truly are looking for results.

      Let’s get connected and talk, what do you think?

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment, I do hope to see more of you here..
      Chery :))

  17. says

    HI Cheryl

    Absolutely. It can be very challenging without having a core group of people you can mastermind with and figure things out. Thankfully we are in an industry that supports helping each other and it is a win win for everyone.

  18. says

    Hi Chery!

    Great topic here!

    Masterminding with like-minded people online – to help each other get results online, is something that I have been doing for a while now.

    Right now, I’m working with a new group of like-minded entrepreneurs and we are starting our own weekly Google hangouts to offer value to the community for free.

    Helping each other out is the fastest way to get to your goals online!

    You just need to come out of your cave, and start connecting with people.

    You know, at the beginning of my online journey, I was very introverted. I didn’t really like to connect with others online – and I did not for like two years.

    And guess what, I struggled a lot during that time. I did learn a lot – but the moment I made my first affiliate commission online, was when I started to connect with others online.

    When I started to grow my own Network, is when my Net-Worth started to grow as well! haha …. you get what I mean?

    I’m with you with your goal here – that we can definitely improve these statistics online.

    I believe we can do it. It is a matter of consistent action, with the right actions, and faith that we will do it.

    I’m on the same mission as you are and many others are as well 😉

    So let’s keep on growing forward guys!

    Thanks for the awesome post, Chery!

    Keep up the great work!

    Remember; individually we are droplets, together we are an ocean! 😀

    Have a great week!

    • says

      Good Morning Freddy, What an Awesome Comment my friend! I especially like this part” Individually we are droplets, together we are an ocean!

      This is the first time hearing this one Love It!

      Curious if you have an opening in your Hangout and what day do you all meet?

      Would love to join you all.

      Have an Awesome New Week and Thanks for the sharing.
      Chery :))

  19. says

    Hey Chery,

    I’ve been part of some awesome mastermind groups and they are wonderful. It’s great when you can get other entrepreneurs together that have different talents and support each other.

    The accountability factor is an attractive part of masterminds. I have a running one with a girl I met probably four years ago now. We meet weekly, support each other, bounce things off each other and hold each other accountable. I think if you can find some people to connect with then everyone should be on one at least once. It’s a great experience.

    Hope you’ll be starting one soon my dear, it will be a blast.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne, Oh Yeh I to have been part of of a few awesome mastermind groups and I am looking forward to setting this all up, But unfortunately as you know I do have a family emergency I need to take care of. So hopefull Nov or Dec for sure.

      Thank You fo sharing my friend! Always so nice to see you here.
      Chery :))

  20. says

    Hello Chery,
    I guess we all have been scammed on the internet in one way or the other before and it can be very painful indeed especially when you didn’t see it coming.

    However, I’m in full support that we all should join hands together and get rid of those bloody scammers for a better internet user experience.

    Having a good mastermind group is equally very important for success in any endeavour.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…125 Marketing Quotes from Top BloggersMy Profile

  21. says

    Hi Chery,

    Mastermind is definitely the way to roll.
    To have someone to talk to when you need to
    and get the support is huge in our industry.
    We all need to be a part of one :)

    Thank you for sharing!
    Emi recently posted…StrengthsFinder 2.0My Profile

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