Reflecting Back On 2015- My Goals And Mindset

Reflecting Back

2015 Is coming to an end and the holidays, the hustle and bustle that comes with it will soon pass and before you know it, it’ll be 2016.

Reflecting Back On 2015


So this is a great time to go over what you did to build your business over the past year and figure out what went well, what didn’t go as planned, and what you can do to make your business even better than ever when 2016 rolls around.

Now regardless of how you did in 2015, give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work, and dedication that you put into your business.

Overall it has been a good year for me.

I stayed focused on one thing and one thing only for the whole year.

Since I lost my job in December 2010 I have constantly been chasing the “Work From Home Dream!”

I have spent more time and money then I even want to talk about.

OH Yeh It is very embarrassing to say the least.

Anyways I would buy into this exciting new work from home opportunity and when that didn’t work, well I would jump right on over to the next shiny object.

Ya know what I call people like this?

Yeppers “A Make Money Online Junkie!”

But like I said this year I stayed lazer focused on the task at hand and you know what happened?

Reflecting Back

I took on a few challenges and won me a Mini I-Pad an a Blue Mic.

I got recognition from my company.

I Made Some Money And I Now Have A Team To Work With.

Big Things Are Going To Happen In Your Life!

So Reflecting Back are you on track, meaning are you where you thought you be today, when you set those goals in January?

Well to be honest with you, I am not even close to the goals I set for myself but I am very pleased with myself for staying on track.

Last week I visited my friend Donna’s blog where she shared some tips on how we can use December to set our goals for next year and this got me thinking.

Ok Be sure to come back and check out her post here after you are finished with mine here LOL ->Have You Reached Your 2015 Goals?

Like I said, I have been thinking about those goals I am looking to set in 2016 the past few weeks and would love to share a trick I just learned from Donna how easily this can be done.

Donna uses a simple triangle, and at the top puts in that BIG GOAL~ Then as she works her way down this pyramid, she fills in the steps with the different tasks that she will be taking to reach those goals.. 

Of course there is more to it and she also has a few more tips to share as well, but the important thing is to get them down on paper, Make them BIG Enough that they scare you a little..

I do have some huge goals written down, I have always been a dreamer!!!

But being a Dreamer has worked for me!

It makes hop out of bed every morning, raring to go after my dreams and goals!

   And Gets Me Closer To My Why!Reflecting Back On 2015

Wishing YOU All A Very Merry Christmas

I just want to take a minute here to wish you all Very Merry Christmas and  A Happy New Year.

I will not be publishing a new blog post for the next few weeks as I will be spending the holidays with my family! 

So I wont be seeing you until next year, Sounds Funny HUH?

Of course I couldn’t go a day without posting on FaceBook so if you are missing me, be sure to look me up over there.

I am sure I will be sharing some pictures!

Perhaps Even A Few Of Me On My B-Day! (Which Is New Years Eve By The Way)

At this time I would just like thank everyone who visited and added to the conversations here on my blog in 2015, I appreciate each and everyone of you.

I do wish you all A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Well I am curious? What are your plans are for the rest of 2015? 

Be sure to share in the comments below.

As always thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success

Here’s To Happiness

Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

Skype: cheryschmidt

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Reflecting back
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    • says

      Hello Philip, So nice to see you here again my friend, Just in time to end the year LOL Thank You for stopping by and for starting out the conversation with such an Awesome Comment!
      Happy Holidays
      Chery :))

    • says

      Hello Mark, I have always been a person who loves to Multi Task! But this is a whole new ball game and I have learned th past few years that multi tasking just not work for me any more. I need to set goals, and then I need to stick to them if I am to make them work. Yeppers That’s the Game Plan for 2016!!
      Thanks for kind words my friend!
      Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and A Prosperous 2016!
      Chery :))

  1. says

    Have a wonderful holiday season Chery and do have a fantastic Birthday and New Year’s Eve, what a combo! My grandson turns 1 that day.

    Boy does it ever take focus to get off the shiny coaster… Man who knew I was so available to all the carny marketers in the online circus.

    But rather than Goals I have a strategy for 2016 which includes getting better at IM and actually making money as an affiliate; any money will do LOL! At least it is a place to start.

    I also intend to make steady money from shopify first step $ and then ramp up in both stores and money from them.

    May 2016 be your very best year yet

    Mary Sloane recently posted…Plan to Multiply! “Use the Most Powerful Force in the Universe”My Profile

    • says

      Hello Mary, OH Yeh it is n easy trap to fall into HUH? It does sounds like you have a great plan going into the new year my friend. Congrats! I do wish you the best!! Thank You for the good wishes and your kind words.
      Chery :))

    • says

      Hello Elise! I do love what you have done with your blog my friend, I just stopped by today and Yes you are always putting out QUALITY information.. Thanks for stopping by and do make it an AWESOME New Year Ahead!!
      Chery :))

  2. says

    Hi Chery,

    Great to hear that you also have a good plan for 2016. You’ve read my similar blog post, so we’ll have to keep each other on track! I’m also an inveterate multi-tasker so it will be tough. When the truth is told I’m sure we’ve all spent more time and money than we wanted to in getting to where we are now.

    I hope you’ll enjoy your break from blogging and work to be with the family. I’m in the middle of mine, with my son and my grandchildren staying for 3 weeks. Lovely but very exhausting.

    Catch up next year :-) Let’s make it a good one!

    Joy Healey recently posted…Review of 2015My Profile

    • says

      Hello Joy! You bet my friend! Yes indeed lets do help keep one another accountable for our goals!! GOOD STUFF MY FRIEND!!
      Enjoy Your Family! I know I will!
      Happy New Year!
      Chery :))

    • says

      Hello Joan, It just AMAZES Me how much time I spent chasing the gold so to say when all I really needed to do was to stay focused long enough to get some results LOL

      Thanks for sharing my friend!
      Wishing you and yours an Awesome 2016 as well
      Chery :))

  3. says

    Hi Chery,

    Thanks so much for the mention and reference to my blog post about goal setting (and reaching!) yayyyy

    You’ve got some good things going for you girl… Just gotta keep the big dreaming. It gets tough when those big dreams require tedious little snitty nonsense tasks, right? But when you’ve got that big dream to stay focused on, you push through.

    Have a great 2016 and I will definitely see you there :)

    Donna Merrill recently posted…3 Top Resources For Driving Tons Of Free Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Donna, Wow I am s sorry I totally forgot to even talk to you about this until just now. Yikes I have been so preocuappied with the holidays and all.. I am happy that you are happy I shared your article..

      I am lookking forward to getting started here in 2016, I still havent done a whole lot of nothing and now I am off to celebrate my sister and moms B-day’s at the Casino for a few days.. FUN FUN

      I guess we only live once we had better enjoy it while we can Right?

      Happy New Year Donna
      Thanks for stopping by and for your Awesome comment
      Chery :))

  4. says

    Hi Chery,
    Hope your combo birthday and New Years was lots of fun.
    Knowing you I am sure it was!
    Congrats on all you accomplished in 2015 and more in 2016.

    Took a look at your resources and toolbox pages, great info there.
    All the best to you in the New Year !
    Kathryn Maclean recently posted…Happy Christmas Merry BirthdayMy Profile

  5. says

    Hi Chery,

    I haven’t been to your blog for ages and glad I saw you again on twitter and here I am.

    I don’t seem to set goals any longer. I write out a focus for the year.

    I loved your bit about you didn’t get to your goals but you were proud that you stayed on track, as that is what I felt like this year at the end of the year.

    I felt like I accomplished what I set out to accomplish but they weren’t really goals.

    I have done the same for this year so Im excited that I now give myself more latitude and freedom to be creative in my year.

    Thanks Chery

    di Downie recently posted…Selfish motherMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Di! Good to see you again my friend! I like your idea of just writing out what you want to focus on! Staying focused and on task is a GOOD THING HUH?
      Thanks for sharing, I do hope to see more of you here on 2016!!
      Chery :))

  6. says

    Hi Chery,

    Sorry I’m getting by here a little late myself but I also took two weeks off. I had planned to at least be around more online but as you know I was working on my new theme and that ended up taking a LOT of my time.

    Not only was it the theme but I redid every single one of my pages, made new graphics and of course had to fix small issues that arose that were not expected. I only had two days that I spent with family and the rest was work work work. One of these years I’m actually going to relax during that time and not have any extra projects on my plate.

    I hope you had a wonderful time off and a fabulous birthday celebration. I know you spent time with your family as well and I’m sure that was a great time too.

    Glad you did good in 2015 and stuck to what you had planned. I have no doubt that this year will rock for you. We’ve all set some wonderful goals so let’s get out there and knock them dead shall we!

    Happy New Year my friend.

    Adrienne recently posted…How to Improve Your Blog With This 90 Day PlanMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Adrienne, As you know I have been over to visit your blog and did indeed see all the changes and LOVED IT! Your blog is s clean and fresh that is actually got me to change mine up a little. LOL

      And yes I did have an Amazing Holiday with my family, I wouldnt have wanted it any other way. Sorry to hear that you worked the whole 2 weeks, but at least you did take a few days to spend with your loved ones.

      Thank you for your visit and your awesome comment my friend. Always so nice to see you here.
      God Bless
      Chery :))

  7. says

    Hi Chery, I read this post soon after you published it and was certain I’d left a comment. No doubt I got sidetracked again.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and birthday and really enjoyed the time with your grandchildren.

    I’m learning to focus more and have more direction so although I didn’t really reach my business goals for 2015 I think I’m more on the right track now.

    All the best for 2016.
    Sue Bride recently posted…New Year Motivation from Facebook EmbedsMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Sue, Good Stuff My Friend! I did have an Amazing Christmas, New Year and Yes B-Day and I to am ready to buckle down and get to work! Thanks for sharing, Always so nice to see you here…
      Chery :))

    • says

      hello Atish, I do agree, TEAM– Together Everyone Achieves More.. It just makes sense HUH?
      Nice to see you here, Thanks for adding to the conversation, I do appreciate it!
      Chery :))

  8. says


    Goals are so important.

    I think it is as important to reflect back on the goals from last year and what you accomplished as it is to set goals for next year.

    We need to set realistic goals. So if the goals for last year were way out of reach or led you in a direction you did not want to go in then it might put a new light on the goals you are about to set for the next year.

    Writing goals down is vitally important. I usually write them down on a single sheet of paper and post it where I see it every day. That way I can see where I am supposed to be going and do not get off track.

    Great ideas on goals and really good post.

    Dee Ann Rice
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted…Setting Goals Will Make Your Blog SuccessfulMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Dee Ann, I do agree that setting goals is important and to get them in writing is key, I also think that putting them somewhere where you can see them each day can help to keep you on track.

      Thanks for sharing my friend, keep up the great work.
      Chery :))

  9. says

    Hi Chery,
    I LOVE you! Love you, Love you…. yep. You’re awesome :-) You’ve worked so hard to get where you are today and it’s so dang exciting to see!! Blog looks great too… love the pic of the boys above to and I know they’re your darlings. Too bad they grow up so fast – but you have some time yet … HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend, it’s going to be a great year
    Lesly Federici recently posted…The Truth About TimeMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Lesly, I love You To Girlfriend! You have helped to push me where I am today! Thank You and Yes I AM looking forward to a GREAT YEAR!!
      Happy New Year My Friend!
      Chery :))

  10. says

    Hi Chery,

    Happy New Year to you

    Such a great post covering reflection and gathering information, results and achievements from the past year, and for tweeking those and goal setting for the coming year.

    You did brilliantly to stay focused, and your results just show you are doing the right thing!

    I am all set with my plan, goals and focus for this year now… that’s how I spent the time between you writing this post and me commenting!!

    I have my performance tracker in place and am loving it!

    I wish you a hugely successful 2016, and hope you had a fantastic holiday break… that photo (I presume your grandson (s) ) is Totally Adorable 😀

    ~ Jacs
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…Merry “Social” Christmas!My Profile

  11. says

    Hi Chery!

    It’s so nice to see your blog today! I hope you had a lovely holiday with the family and a Happy Birthday!

    It is strange to reflect back sometimes at the BIG goals. I’m actually doing that tonight. hehe I know I’m late on my reflection…

    As long as you have goals that’s what counts. If you were able to accomplish most that’s great!

    Take care,
    Lillian De Jesus recently posted…17 Inspiring Quotes for the Entrepreneur (Spark the New Year Forward!)My Profile

    • says

      Hello Lillian, Wow girlfriend it has been a while since you were here and vise versa. Yikes I do need to stop on by and see how you are doing now.. So nice to see you and yes I did have an amazing holiday, hope you did as well.

      Nice to see you here, I do hope to see more of you here in 2016 and will try to get by your place more too..

      Thanks Chery :))

    • says

      Hello Vashishtha, I do agree my friend! I am going to spend more time this year really focusing on team work, As they say Team work is dream work Right?
      Thanks for adding to the conversation here today. I do appreciate it.
      Wishing you the best to my friend..
      Chery :))

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