Road Trip- My Adventure To Success

              On A Road Trip To Success

Have you ever taken a road trip before with someone that you have never met before?

How about 3 people?

Oh My! Road Tripping For Success!

Well this is exactly what I did!

Let me start from the beginning this past weekend there was Live DSD Fall Event in Orlando Florida and I was determined to do what ever I had to do to get to this event.

So I reached out to my up-line, Jamie Bonani to see if she wanted to share a room with me, well come to find out she already had her roomy’s picked out.

But she did have me connect with Liz Day, another gal on our Power Team, and found out she also wanted to go but she didn’t yet make any plans.

She then mentioned that Janice Strehlow was also looking for a roomy.

So the 3 of us connected and after chatting thought it would be fun to turn this into a road trip.

Wooo Hooo A Road Trip For Success

A few days later Janice asked if Michelle Williams could join us, we now had 4!

Road Trip-Adventure to Success

My Adventure to Success began Tues the 28th of October. Little did I know but Janice only lived 52 miles away and when I arrived she had dinner waiting.

Right after dinner we both hit the sack and were up early and ready for the next step of the road trip, off to Cleveland Ohio to pick up Michelle.

We arrived at her work around midnight, where she was ready and raring to start her success adventure!

We decided we were to fired up to sleep so we got right back on the road and headed to Liz’s.

Well it wasn’t to long before we hit Mansfield Ohio and decided it was time to get a room for the night.

Oh Yeh we were up early on Thurs morning and ready for our next adventure for success.

We arrived at Liz’s around 8 and boy were we beat!

Her daughter Lexi made us a wonderful spaghetti dinner, after dinner we all got online and filled our orders that came in over the past few days and then off to bed.

Friday morning arrived fast and we were all excited to get back to our road trip, headed to Orlando Florida where we checked into Marriott’s Word Center!

After a quick check-in we headed to Bubba’s to meet the rest of our Power Team and have some dinner. YUM YUM!! After dinner we headed back to the motel to get ready for the event to begin!

The Reason Behind This Whole Road Trip For Success

Road Trip-Adventure To Success

The Event started off with an introduction and overview of the New Company Infinii!

We will all be getting set up for success with this accelerated version of DSD, but right now is not the right time for me to go into all of that.

I will write another blog post about this but for now let me get back to the road trip.

Next on the agenda for our Friday night was a shopping trip, they had 5 grey hound buses lined up outside and ready to roll.

Because we were on our road trip we decided to take the car and beat the buses to the Five Below store where we were to do our shopping.

I freaked when I walked into the store, the managers had stock, piled to the ceiling and you can imagine how many people LOL

I am not going to go into all the details of this shopping trip, other then to say that we really did learn some great SUCCESS Tips about how to make more money on Amazon.

Saturday was Halloween and Our Power Team dressed up as Dr Seuss (The Thing)

Road Trip Adventure To Success

             FUN FUN

During the event I did a lot of networking and let me tell you I have been to a lot of events over the past 5 years and found this one to be very different!

There was not one person that I talked to who was NOT making money!

Did You Hear That?

Every person that I talked to on our road trip was having Success with DSD!

Of course not HUGE Success stories, but they were making a profit, the losses are definitely minimized with DSD!

Now this is a topic for a whole new blog post as well!

So back to My Road Trip To Success Adventure.

Sunday after the event I spent the day by the pool and even hit a few of the slides, before heading in to pack and ship out some packages.

Monday morning our road trip to led us to Daytona Beach!

Oh Yeh we cant drive all the way to Florida and not go to the beach Right?

Liz did a Fantastic job of picking out a motel for us!

   Right On The BeachRoad Trip Adventure to Success

The Plaza Motel and Spa was a wonderful choice for our last night in Florida.

Monday morning Michelle and I were up early and headed out to the beach, this was Michelle’s first time to the ocean FUN FUN!

We did get a late checkout which gave us more beach time as well as time to get in some laps in the pool.

Monday night was a busy one at Liz’s house in Atlanta, we all had quite a few orders to fill!

Oh Yeh Making Money While On Our Road Trip Was Awesome!

At 3 Am our road trip began again!

Wowsy we made record time and had Michelle to work in Cleveland with 5 minutes to spare. Oh Yeh Janice was determined to make this part of our road trip happen!

Janice and I spent our last night in yet another beautiful motel in Angola Indiana and woke up to a wonderful breakfast and they even gave up a bag lunch for the road.

Road trip Adventure to Success

Well we filled our orders and were back on the road again.

Our last leg of our road trip took all day!

My original plan was to spent the night by Janice’s, but I truly wanted to send the night in my own bed so my road trip continues towards home.

This has been an Amazing Road Trip Adventure, but if I had the choice to do it again I am pretty sure I would jump on a plane LOL

Although I do have to admit the time spent in the car brainstorming with these ladies was well worth it. My brain is still working overtime on everything I have learned.

I do hope I did not bore you with my Road Trip Story Here, My Adventure to Success!

Want to check out our Power Team? –>>Click Here Now <<–
As always thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success

Here’s To Happiness

Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

Skype: cheryschmidt

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Adventure to Success
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  1. says

    Wow, Chery!

    That looks like an incredible adventure you had!

    I’ve always loved road trips, personally. But that’s been contingent on me really liking the person (or people) I’ve been on the road with.

    (A road trip can get tired in a hurry if you don’t get along with your fellow passengers!)

    So the idea of taking a road trip with total strangers sounds terrifying to me. 😉

    All kidding aside, it looks like you had a blast. Great stuff, and thanks for sharing!

    Matt Banner recently posted…FAQs on Starting & Growing a Self-Hosted BlogMy Profile

  2. says

    Wow Chery!

    Absolutely nothing wrong with mixing a little business
    in with some much needed fun!LOL1

    It’s sounds like you got the trifecta going!LOL!
    You got a chance to do some power networking!

    You made money while you were investing in your self development
    and business education!

    Plus, you were able to see the country side and enjoy a little time away!

    Way to go!It sounds like you & the other ladies had a blast!
    Mark recently posted…Three Deadly Signs That Your Gambling With Your Business Instead Of Investing In It!My Profile

    • says

      Hello Mark, Just found your comment in my spam box, HUM Not sure why it ended up there, but it is good to keep an eye out for this HUH?

      Now for your Awesome Comment! Our rad trip was a HUGE SUCCESS< Although I was happy to get home I wouldnt have changed it for anything. Such an Awesome Experience for SURE! Thank YOU for stopping by and adding to the conversation I do appreciate it my friend! Chery :))

  3. says

    Hi Chery,
    That is indeed an amazing “Road Trip”!!
    Woo Hooo Well narrated one! I mean narrated it from A to Z of the Trip!! :-)
    Waiting for the end result the success story in the next post, as you mentioned.
    Wish you and all of yours in the Journey a great success!!
    Keep sharing.
    Have a great week ahead
    ~ Philip
    Philip Verghese Ariel recently posted…Breaking News! The Blog Is Dead!My Profile

    • says

      Hello Philip, Oh Yeh I am also Super Excited to share Infinii with the world. I will be working on this for next week! Thanks for your visit and as always your Awesome Comment! Chery :))

  4. says

    Hey Chery,
    Of course you did not bore me with this Road Trip Story! In fact, it got me thinking that I should enroll for a networking event sooner.

    I guess the brainstorming session, the fun and beach time add up to an exciting adventure.

    Its good you share this and we can take cue to participate in such networking event every now and then!

    I left the above comment in as well

    • says

      Hello Sunday, Happy to hear I didnt bore you my friend and that it has got you thinking about attending an Event. I wish I could attend more of them, they are so good for our mindset!! Thanks for adding to the conversation, I do appreciate it.
      Chery :))

  5. says

    Hey Chery,

    I’m SO glad that everything worked out well for you ladies. That’s pretty brave of you to join up with four people you’ve never been with before and some you’ve never met all riding in a car for that long together. That’s amazing though that it all went as well as it did.

    Sounds like you had a great time, enjoyed the conference, had some fun while you were at it and enjoyed the overall experience.

    Thanks for sharing your road trip with us and glad you made it home safely to share this with us.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne, I actually never really gave much thought to NOT personally knowing these gals, It was a little RISKY HUH? But all in all it was a Super time and we did fit quite a bit in while on the road! Lot’s Of Laughs That’s For Sure HEHE

      Thanks My friend! Always so nice to see you here..
      Chery :))

  6. says

    Hi Chery,

    There is nothing like a good adventure! Looks like you had one right from the start. What fun it must have been bonding with people you didn’t know on a road trip. Then going to all those fab events? Woo that is amazing.

    I think when going to events like this, people bond so quickly because they have a common purpose.

    I’m so happy for you and it looks like it was not only fun, but profitable too!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Does Story Telling Work On Your Blog?My Profile

    • says

      Hello Donna, It was so nice to meet the team in person, your now to put a face to the voice hehe. of course we all get on hangouts but it just not the same as meeting someone in person.

      Thanks for your visit, your awesome comment and for sharing my friend, I do appreciate it.
      Chery :))

  7. says

    Hey Chery,

    This sounds like one of my road trips when I was in network marketing. It sounds like you had a lot of fun and gained a lot of knowledge in the process. There’s nothing like going on road trips like this but I can definitely understand you wanting to get back home to your own bed.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Why Your Blogging Goals Suck As A BeginnerMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Sherman, Oh Yeh we certainly had a great time, but as the saying goes ” All good things must come to an end”” HEHE Thanks for adding to the conversation, I do appreciate it..
      Chery :))

  8. says

    Hi Chery,

    Wow those spontaneous road trips are the most fun. Always. You guys packed some folks in a car and ran with it. Sounds like an absolute success to me. And those Halloween get ups were darn funny too. We do the road trip bit a bunch so know the excitement, the sometimes nervousness and the newness that one can experience on such trips. It’s an amazing journey, this deal called LIFE, and the more road trips you can pack into life, the better things will be. Thanks so much for the colorful share Chery.

    Signing off from Nicaragua.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Download 7 eBooks for $6.93My Profile

    • says

      Hello Ryan, Oh Yeh Spontaneous and Exciting all combined into this package LOL We had a Grand Ole Time!! Thanks for sharing it sure does mean alot to me coming from a world traveler like yourself!!
      Have An Awesome rest to your week
      Chery :))

  9. says

    Wow Chery Thanks for sharing your big adventure!

    What a great time was had by all, by the sounds of it!

    How blessed we are to live in a world where it is safe for 4 women to go traveling and stay in motels and have the time of their lives!

    I enjoyed the fun along with you

    thanks for sharing!

    I can understand the lure of the airplane but think of what you would miss I know some of the hours and hours driving are not really that much fun but it sould like the rewards were worth it.

    To the Top

    Mary Sloane recently posted…Become a High Paid Strategist not a Lowly Paid TacticianMy Profile

    • says

      Hello Mary, Oh Yeh My Friend it was quite an adventure, it is interesting that you mentioned safety, HUM I didn’t even give that any thought at all. LOL Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation, I do appreciate it!! Chery :))

    • says

      Hello Monna, Oh Yeh we sure had one heck of an adventure my friend! It was fun sharing my adventure TOOO LOL
      Thanks for adding to the conversation, I do appreciate YOU!!
      Chery :))

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