Starting Your Own Online Business Opportunities/ Is This Possible?

Online Business Opportunities –>>Is It Possible?


Three little letters WWW. The World Wide Web!

Starting Your Own Online Business Opportunities 1

This Is Quite An Invention, Right?

We hear it everyday that people all over the world are making money online and we see all the online entrepreneurs pitching all of these online business opportunities and it peaks our interest.



Well can all these people really be making 6- 7 figure incomes just from working from home?

 Can this really happen for me?

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have my own Blog and be talking about the online business opportunities that have made it possible for me to work from home.

Now this did not happen over night, there were many days were I just sat here staring at my computer, frustrated because I did not know who to believe.

There were online entrepreneurs everywhere talking about their online business opportunities, I did not know where to start, I was pulling out my hair, staying up until all hours of the night, I felt totally alone, confused and very frustrated.

Researching Online Business Opportunities For Online Success

Well what I did do was to start researching and what I found out is that the online entrepreneurs that are indeed making money with their online business opportunities, all had one thing in common.

What is it?

A Website, a blog just like the one you are on now.

From there I was on a mission to educate myself to learn all about setting up my own blog, I purchased courses, hired other online entrepreneurs to do one on one training with me.

I knew if others were making money with their online business opportunities that I could to.

I would not be beaten. I had a vision and I was going to find a way to make it manifest.

Like I said there are quite a few online entrepreneurs out there who are all talking about their online business opportunities so it is very easy to have information overload and what this leads to is frustration.

I have been there.

I am sure you have to, Correct?

Well hopefully I can help you with this, by helping you set up your own online business opportunities website, but you need to make me one promise that you are going to take this serious.

You are going to treat your online business opportunities just as though you would and offline business opportunity.

4 Elements To Online Business Opportunities Success

 There are only 4 elements to your online business opportunity success and it all starts with your mindset.

1. You will have to have the right attitude, one that is positive and ready to take action.

2. You must have your own website

3. Products to market that people want and need

4. You must have the knowledge on how to market these products

Your Website Is The Lifeline To Your Online Business Opportunities

Now a lot of people may argue with me on this one, but when I first got started online I did get a website from the online business opportunities that I got involved with and you know what happened?

Starting Your Own Online Business Opportunities

I spent a lot of time and money driving traffic to these so called sites and all this did was pretty much waste my time, oh and money.

I do know a few online entrepreneurs who have worked hard and who have made some money with these online business opportunities as affiliates.

But if you want to join more then one and have more then one product to sell, then you will have to drive traffic to each site individually.

Now if you have your own website set up with all of your online business opportunities you need only drive traffic to this one site.

Don’t be a fool and think that you can build a profitable online business with one of these free sites like I did, they can shut you down whenever they choose to.

Build Your Confidence, Build Your Online Business Opportunities

I know this is not an easy task and that you are probably afraid to get started, but here is what I am going to tell you if you want to make any money in your online business opportunities you have to get over your fear.

You can and will build up your confidence with any online business opportunities you get involved with if you are taking consistent action, oh and with a little help from other online entrepreneurs like myself who have been there done that.

The 4th element to online business opportunity that I told you about above is your marketing this is where all the hard work comes in.

You will need to master the skills to market your website once you have your online business opportunities stocked on it, so to say.

I do share a number of ways for you to market your online business opportunity right here on my blog and I am willing to help anyone who does take this serious.

You do owe it to yourself after all this is your online business opportunities and your number one goal should be is to turn your website into your own ATM machine.

So Is Starting Your Own Online Business Opportunities Possible? 

Want To Connect and Talk About This One?

I do have an open door policy, so go ahead and reach out, I’d love to share my secrets – and tell you how you too can love what you do and do what you love.

As always, thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success, Here’s To Happiness

 Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

Skype: cheryschmidt

P.S. Click HERE for insant access ‘If You Are Not Loving What You Do & Doing What You Love’ to learn How You Can Copy Me & Profit! (Don’t Put It Off)

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    • says

      Hello David! You certainly do have a way with words my friend! LOL My Point to this is that if you don’t take that leap of faith and get started you WILL NEVER reach that 6 figure income either. So nothing to loose, get started, follow my advice and NEVER give up!

      Thanks for starting out the conversation here today, always nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  1. says

    HI Chery, you nailed it putting 1. You will have to have the right attitude as the first element. This is where most people fail, having an “I’ll try” attitude…

    And true, it’s not easy. If it was, everyone would be successful. But it’s worth it.

    Love your value!

    • says

      Hell Andre! I had doubts about publishing this post this week, because I didn’t know if there was really enough value here… Looks like I made the right choice.. Thank you for your visit and your kind words! I do appreciate both.. Chery :))

  2. says

    Hi Chery

    Very lovely post with a lot of new thoughts for me to renergise my online struggle to get huge results.

    Online world wants proof and it is easy to prove online if someone really has power to prove himself with a blog, social media presence or contributing at other blogs.

    The most viable way to prove online is blogging obviously where one has complete control to share whatever he wants and can easily shine with his hard work and proper strategy.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post of high value.

    • says

      Hello Mi Muba, So very true my friend! You can make your blog become what ever you want to Right? I had a visitor a while back ask me what my blog was all about? She said I needed to stick to one thing otherwise I would fail! I told her this was my Real Estate and if I want to talk about my Grandson’s I will! If I want to share my business, I Will. If I want to share about how I get leads online, I will!

      So needless to say that she no longer visits my blog, LOL!! But who cares Right?

      My point is just BE YOURSELF and people will come or they won’t WHO CARES!

      I will continue with or without them.. OK enough said, your comment got me Fired UP!! Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

  3. says

    Hey Chery,

    What a great message here and so very true. I feel your pain, I was one there too. Confused, doing everything I was taught and not getting any darn results. Just like what I’m doing right now, people still don’t give you the whole scoop so we have to figure it out on our own.

    You can make money online and have a very profitable business. Whether you’re promoting some type of product or service or doing something along the lines of consulting. The main key here is what you said, you need your own site. You need one central place for them to visit, get to know you, what you offer and how you can help them.

    If they are smart they’ll learn from someone doing what they want to do. I know there are a lot of people out there that will rip you off in a heartbeat but one thing I can say for sure, talk to them on the phone or Skype first. You’ll know they’re legit and then go with your gut. I can already vouch for you so they can’t go wrong partnering with you my friend.

    I hope more people will take your advice this year because I know if this is what they want then it is achievable. They just have to want it bad enough in order to get the results.

    Have a terrific rest of your week and stay warm.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne! Very wise words my friend! Sorry to say but I think we all have been down this road, but o ne good thing is! We have learned from our mistakes and that we are now ready to pay it forward and help others NOT to follow in our footsteps Right?

      Thank you so much for your vote of confidence, it does mean a lot to me coming from you and I do hope people will pick up that phone or set an appointment with me if they need help. I do have an open door policy and as you know Love To Talk LOL

      Always nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  4. says

    Great article Chery and I couldn’t agree with you more about the importance of having your own site. I am familiar with several business “opportunity” companies that require members to use their system and I think that is such a huge mistake. While setting up a blog or website can seem intimidating to a newbie, there are more resources than ever before so all it takes is commitment and a bit of courage to make it happen. Thanks for the advice and inspiration! :-)

    • says

      Hello Marty, Yeppers it is so important to brand YOU! Not your company, I wasted 16 months when I got started online promoting my companies links. What happened when they went under? I did too, this was a great lesson for me and one I talk about to everyone. Thanks for your great comment my friend! Always nice to see you here… Chery :))

  5. says

    Hi Chery,
    this is a great and honest post ,
    you tell it how it is .True ,it need the right attitude to keep going
    and it is better to brand yourself than help companies ,which
    you do not have control.

    Thank you

    • says

      Hello Erika, Yep came right from my heart my friend! I am so done trying to be someone I am not. I am now an open book and love to share my experiences. My Failures as well as my successes and this is all about branding HUH? Thanks for your comment and visit, Always s nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  6. says

    Hi Chery,

    Love LOVE this post! You have totally hit the nail on the head with this, as I agree with you on all of your above tips 😉 It is very much possible to make a living online with the right platform and the right community that will help propel you to your greatness and you can love what you do and share it with others….passion is key. In the last 3 years since I have been online, I to have come across a few opportunites that have been a total waste of my time and money…….sad but true for so many that get started online and expect to become success overnight….it just does not work that way :)

    Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts and your valuable wisdom!

  7. says

    Wise words, Chery, and well put. Having your own website is so important for many reasons, and one of them is, Google doesn’t recognize cookie cutter websites. Your site has to be unique, no matter what business you’re in.

  8. says

    Hi Chery,

    What a great post. It was a little hard to read for the fact that I remembered the troubles I went through (same as you and many others) while trying to learn and figure out who to trust and who not to trust. But once you do get to the point where it all starts making sense and “you get it” it is so exciting to run a business online.

    • says

      Hello Monna, Love your comment my friend! I have learned so much from you this past year and looking forward to learning yet more LOL Thanks fro sharing, Always so good to see you here.. Chery :))

  9. says

    Hi Chery, the right mindset is what holds so many people back, however 2. You must have your own website, really resonated with me. I see so many people trying to build a business online with a free website that restricts their abilities! It’s crazy, thank you for also putting the message out there :)

    • says

      Hello Sarah! I would have expected no other comment then this one from you my friend! You are the WordPress Queen in my books… Thanks for your comment and visit, I do appreciate you.. Chery :))

  10. says

    Awesome post. I like the 4 elements to online business opportunity success. These are very important beginning with the right mindset. I also like point 4-” You must have the knowledge on how to market these products,” without this knowledge, I find one can be online and wander all over without making a dime.

    • says

      Good Morning Siphosith! Very true my friend! Without marketing and customers YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS! The key is to take one for whether blogging, social media, video, PPC ect and master it before moving on to anything else. This was my problem, I thought I needed to know it all before taking action. I wasted the first 16 months training, Not a good thing. Action My Friend That is where the money is at. Right?

      Thanks for adding to the conversation my friend, I do appreciate it.. Have a Successful Week.. Chery :))

  11. says

    Great post Chery!
    Thank goodness there are genuinely concerned individuals that are willing to pull back the curtain and help others that are clueless, frustrated and just plain old not sure how to actually make a go of things!

    We both know there’s a ton of hyped up info out there, that will simply lead to information overload an eventual burnout! Thanks for being that helping hand to so many others that need it!

    • says

      Hello Mark! I have said it before and I will say it again!! I DO NOT want anyone to have to follow in my footsteps.I am all about paying it forward and helping anyone who is ready first and foremost set u their foundations for success! Thanks for your kind words.. Chery :))

  12. says


    You are so right that you need to start with the right attitude, an entrepreneurial mindset focused on your goals, and it is beneficial to create a blog. However, many people have blogs that get no traffic.
    You need to learn about marketing – what works and what doesn’t work, and that keeps changing. You also need to know your audience and then create products that your audience wants and will purchase. The learning curve to figure this out can be quite steep – I know, I have struggled with this for several years. But it IS possible and the possibilities are endless.

    Dr. Erica

    • says

      Hello Dr Erica, So true my friend there is a HUGE learning curve involved in blogging HUH? And then when you think you have it all down, things change and you need to change up that strategy again HEHE Yeppers as we all know our blogs will forever be a work in progress.. Thanks for sharing, Always so nice to see you here… Chery :))

  13. says

    It is so nice to hear stories that are about success and then sharing with others. Very inspiring article you have Chery. I think people like you truly show that you can work from home while still helping others!

    • says

      Hello Kyle! Yes my friend this is what this business is all about. I actually made Motivational Monday Post on my FaceBook wall earlier today, Now this says it all->>”Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life! It is about what you inspire others to do..

      Thanks Kyle, always nice to see you here my friend.. Chery :))

  14. says

    Hi Chery. I like how you point out the need for marketing and how that’s the hard part when it comes to online business opportunities. So true! One could have the best product and website in the world, but if it’s not marketed well, then no one will know about it or take advantage of it.

    As marketing doesn’t come naturally to me, I’m continuously learning about the best ways to do it and am always open to new ideas. So I’m so glad you have an “open door policy!” Awesome to know your site is a good resource for such matters! I’ll be sure to let others know who may need help or inspiration.


    • says

      Hello Karen! You said it my friend! If you dont market! YOU May as well close up shop so to say! There are a alt of ways to market you just need to find what you like to do and then become the master at this then if you want to add something else Do IT! The problem with most people is that they try to do it all, this does NOT work!

      If you want to learn, you will plain and simple.. Thanks for your comment and visit and I do hope to see more of you here.. Chery :))

  15. says

    Hey Chery, thanks for your post on starting online business opportunites. I liked your 4 Elements To Online Business Opportunities Success, but don’t 100% agree that you need a website when you’re just starting. I didn’t have one either and made sales back then.

    • says

      Hello Andrea, I guess I say this because I think everyone needs to brand themselves and it is so much easier to do if you have a place of your own so to say LIKE A BLOG! It is just so affordable to do, that I believe it just makes sense. I am happy to hear that you did make money without your own website, you my friend are the majority!

      Thanks for sharing .. Chery :))

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