How Important Is Starting A Home Based Business To You?

Your Own Home Based Business

Do you know the importance of starting your own home based business and working from home?

How Important Is Starting A Home Based Business To You


Well of course besides the obvious, working when and where you want and being able to spend more time with your family and friends.

There are more people than in any time in history out there looking for work and many are turning to the internet.

Are you looking to start your own home based business?

Benefits Of Your Own Home Based Business

Did you know that if you don’t have your own home based business you are throwing money away? This can be a much as $20 a day and that adds up to about $500 a month.

So I would have to say that starting your own home based business just makes sense.

Oh Yeh start keeping more money in your pocket.

Another benefit I would like to talk about is leveraging the effort of others with your own home based business.

You need to quit exchanging your time for money this is the old way, punching that time clock doesn’t work anymore.

The power of leverage, this is the secret of the wealthy.

Let’s talk about how do they do it?

2 Ways To Leverage Other Then Starting Your Own Home Based Business

1. Purchasing condominiums or apartment complexes, this way you can collect rent from your tenants on a monthly basis.

2. By starting your own brick and mortar business.

Now what is the common factor here?

How Important Is Starting A Home Based Business To You 1

You Need Money And A Lot Of It To!

What is the average person to do?

The answer set up your own home based business.

Now you are probably thinking, “Yeh right Chery it’s just not that easy” But it is!

Anyone can do this, you can jump in and from day one you can start taking advantage of the benefits of starting your own home based business.

As a matter of fact I am going to invite you right now to go and watch a short little video that is going to give some information on how you can get set up with your own home based business starting today.

Once you get started you will get access to all of the training videos in the back office as well as access to our team training site.

We are going to show you how to build not only one income but two and the second one is residual income, meaning you will have this income coming in every month.

This is the only way to live.

How Does Residual Income Work With Your Own Home Based Business?

Not to worry my friends, we know all too well that not everyone can recruit others, it is just too difficult to bring people into your home based business. Right?

Well we are going to show you how you will build your own success story and then we will show you how you will take this and share your results with others, so they will then get excited and want to learn HOW you are doing this.

Let me give you a little example of  this with my own home based business. OK?

Home Based Business

See this is social proof, Wooo Hooo Two Income Streams..

Yeppers! This is all done by following the system, the system that is set up for you to plug into, so you can start profiting in your own home based business.

Now clearly this is a no brainer.


Yes this is the perfect factor to starting your own home based business.

Yes being in the right place at the right time.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather work for myself in my own home based business then work my but off for someone else every again.

Yes chances are you can wake up one day, walk into work and that income is gone forever!

This has happened to me and it had a big impact on me and my family. I hit rock bottom before I started searching online for my own home based business, do not let this happen to you.

If you do have a job, Great, keep at it and get started with your own home based business then when the time is right Fire Your Boss before he has a chance to fire you.

Helping others is one of the biggest rewards of having your own home based business.

I would love to help you if you will let me.

If what I have talked about here today resonates with you, if you like the idea of saving money on your taxes and making money with your own home based business then click here now and watch this video.

Have a look around and when you are ready to start your own home based business just LET ME KNOW!

I cannot wait for the day when you can fire your boss.

Lets do this together!


As always thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success

Here’s To Happiness

 Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

Skype: cheryschmidt

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  1. says

    Hi Chery!
    What a great surprise!
    Though I read this yesterday night I could not post a comment immediately.
    Yes, you always come with a profitable item for your fellow writers and bloggers! :-)
    This is indeed another example.
    I am sure this will be a great opportunity for many who can spare some time in doing this.
    I appreciate you and wish all the others who are going to join in this a grand success!
    May you have a great and profitable week ahead

    PS: Hey Chery, I read the intimation about this post at kingged the content curation social marketing web page and i Kingged it and posted the comment.
    Thanks for sharing
    ~ Phil

    • says

      Hello Philip, What a nice surprise indeed! I am Super Pumped about what is happening with this business as well as the what is going to be exposed this coming weekend after the Live Event in Dallas.

      So nice to see you here my friend. Thanks for starting out the conversation here as well as on Kingged.. Chery :))

  2. says

    Hey Chery,

    Home business is where it’s at now days. We’re in the information, and you can’t help but find information on how to start and maintain a home business (your blog with the video is a prime example).

    The biggest challenge is doing it right to the point of getting the results you want. But with someone like you that will help guide those newbie entrepreneurs, it shouldn’t be their biggest hurdle.

    Great share Chery! Have a great day!

    I found you post on under the category of Make Money Online

  3. says

    I really love your excellent advice Chery!

    That being, learn to fire your boss, before they fire you!

    And unfortunately, more and more people are experiencing that
    not so pleasant reality!

    Than goodness that are experts out there like you, to provide an extremely
    viable alternative!

    • says

      Hello Mark! I actually got a good chuckle out of this when I wrote it my friend LOL
      Just sounds like Fun Doesn’t It? Sure wish it would have worked that way for me..

      Thank you for your visit, for sharing and for your kind words, I do appreciate it..
      Chery :))

  4. says

    It’s a great question, Chery.

    Home-based business is what people want these days. A comfortable kind of work place, flexible work schedule, you can save much money etc.

    Maintain or leverage the productivity of your home-based business. It may be easier said than done to get the outcome that you are looking forward, but all the endeavor will be worth it when you make every effort harder and read helpful ideas from experienced people like you.

    Thanks for sharing Chery!

    • says

      Hello Metz, Nothing worthwhile is easy my friend! Have you ever had your home brick and mortar business? I HAVE! And I worked my but off for pennies only to want our BAD!!

      Not a whole lot of profit for all the hours I put in too. OMG and the start up cost! Well I am sure you know HUH?

      Thanks for your Awesome Comment.
      Chery :))

    • says

      Hello Metz, I never said it was going to be easy but if you are willing to take some time and get the training in then take action Yes You can achieve your goals! OH Yeh it is a whole lot easier when you have a team to work with ones that are already having Success.

      Thank you for your comment, your visit and as always your kind words my friend.. Always so nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  5. says

    Very well said Chery!

    How Important Is Starting A Home Based Business To You? Well, for me, it’s as important as my family. Why? Because working from home at my own pace gives me freedom over a couple of things.

    Working from home and doing business from home keeps me closer to my family. I get to see my loved ones anytime of the day, I am not forced to wear extra formal wear for office, I don’t have to endure traffic, and a don’t have to report to office for daily reports.

    This is going to be a great opportunity to earn from home. Thanks for sharing this with us Chery!


    • says

      Good Morning Time Dennis, Love Love Love your comment my friend, there are so many benefits to working from home with your home based business it is just CRAZY Not To give it a go Right?

      Thank you so much for sharing my friend.
      Chery :))

  6. says

    Hey Chery,

    I do agree that if someone is eager to either make more money or build something to help them leave their day jobs then coming online is key.

    Everything will take some type of investment but it depends on what you decide to do as to the actual cost. I think that time is going to be the most expensive thing for most because first you have the learning process and then second you have to actually put that time aside to work the business.

    There are so many people including yourself, that is doing really well online. I do think though that those who are dedicated and willing will be the ones that succeed. All the others will just continue to be dreamers.

    Congratulations girl, SO happy that you’re doing so well and you’re the perfect person to teach others how to do this very same thing.

    Way to go.


    • says

      Good Morning Adrienne, Thank you so much for mentioning the learning curve! Oh Yeh This is all going to be new to most of us, including myself, When I first started online in Dec 2010 I didnt even know how to turn my computer on, but if you have that drive to become successful YOU WILL!

      Thank you also for your kind words, you are such a wonderful friend. Have a Great weekend ahead.. Chery :))

  7. says

    Hmm! “How Important Is Starting A Home Based Business To You?” This is a powerful question for newbies and professionals alike.

    I started thinking of my very purpose of running an online home based business after reading this title. So, reflective!

    The answer would be different for everyone but there still remains a bottom line for all – I agree that being at the right place at the right time readily helps to make a home based business success!

    Getting the right knowledge and putting into practice the right concepts are fundamental actions that would easily make a business succeed.
    Thanks for sharing the video!
    This comment was left in where this post was found.

    • says

      Good Morning Sunday, I am happy to see my post got you to a thinking about your WHY! That is exactly the reason we all search for that home based business that is going to allow us to work from home.

      Yes following the systme that is in place is fundamental for your success. As they say dont go trying to re-invent the wheel so to say.

      Thanks for adding to the the conversation here, I do appreciate YOU my friend.
      Have a Great Weekend Ahead..
      Chery :))

  8. says

    Hi Chery,

    I went from a corporate job to becoming an entrepreneur and having a home office.
    It was so scary at first, but I am so glad I did it because being able to work from home and being more available to my family is so important to me :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. says

    Hi Chery,

    Having a home based business is the only way I know how to live my life. It does involve a small investment for the profits received.

    Learning curves are well worth an investment to get one going. I don’t know what I would have done without investing in them. But compared to buying real estate, it is pennies lol.

    I love not only the freedom of it, but also the excitement of the process. Waking up in the morning eager to turn on my computer. (even in my p.j.’s lol) I can do what I want when I want.

    The more I put in, the more I get out of it.

    Congratulations on your wonderful success! So happy for ya girl.


    • says

      Good Morning Time Donna, You go it my friend and I LOVE how you put it “The more I put in, the more I get out of it” Thank you so much for your visit, your comment and your kind words.. You’re The Best!! Chery :))

  10. says

    Very informative blog article Chery, thank you. Having a home business is a great thing especially when you don’t have to fill your garage with products. Thanks again for the value and have a great day.

    • says

      Hello and welcome to my blog Justin! I have been there done that and OH SO Happy I moved on LOL Thanks for adding to the conversation and I do hope to see more of you here… Chery :))

  11. says

    Hello Chery,

    Loved this post girl! You have definately outlined many valuable tips for the importance of starting a home based business :) All of these tips are key to your success :)

    Thank you for sharing these awesome tips!

    • says

      Hello Joan, It is my pleasure to share these tips, I would not be where I am today if I didn’t.. LOL Thank You for your comment and as always your visit, so nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  12. says


    Whoo hoo! Look as if you are on a roll – and that will only continue to grow larger. Yes, creating your own home business is empowering. It does take dedication and time. Some people prefer to work on a job, complete the required tasks, and spend their weekend partying and just enjoying their time off. But as you said, when you create your own business you are protecting yourself against losing that job. You work at it and build a steady residual income as you are proving you have already begun to do.

    Dr. Erica

    • says

      Hello Dr Erica!! And Woooo Hooo Right back at you my friend! I am enjoying working with my team and YES LOVE that residual income coming in each and every month.. Work hard one time and reap the rewards for a lifetime.. Nice Right? Thanks for your wonderful comment and do have an Amazing Weekend Ahead.. Chery :))

  13. says

    Hi Chery

    Although having a home based business is probably harder work (for me!) than having a job, I love the fact that if I need / want to take time off, I can do so. It’s more about that than about the money – earlier this year I “fired” an off-line client who was taking up too much time. How’s that for role reversal?

    I’m glad you’re doing well with DSD, I know several people who have made money with it and it’s a very genuine and ethical business.

    Have a good weekend, Joy

    • says

      Hello Joy, I to have fired a many clients whom were NOT pulling their own weight, it is just part of life. Right? I didn’t really like the feeling either but it is what it is and that is why I am building my online business so I can eventually weed out all other income streams. ( Talking my offline businesses)

      Thanks you so much for your kind words and of course your visit, it is always nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  14. says

    Hi Chery,

    I too love your enthusiasm. I’ve worked from home for almost 20 years now but most of that time I was still working at a J.O.B. and always dreamed of starting my own business.

    I took that leap of faith in June of 2012 and I haven’t looked back. A few false starts along the way and determination and I’m still here.

    Great post you have shared with your readers.

    • says

      Good Morning Monna, I love you girl friend and know you have worked hard to get where you are. You have helped me more then you even know. Thank You for being YOU!! Have a Blessed Weekend.. Chery :))

  15. says


    Great article, regardless of the home based business you have they all add something for you. If you are full time or part time they give you leverage and some all important tax breaks.


  16. says

    I worked in the Human Services field for a while but when children came along I never wanted to go back. Working from home was ideal. Apart from being there for my kids I loved the freedom, lack of commuting and not having a boss. Only working part time for years meant finances could have been better but it’s the quality of life that matters.

  17. says

    Hi Chery!

    Way to go with your results here!! woohoo! Congrats on all of the success so far! 😉

    You got great points here. In order to achieve a lot of wealth in life, you must learn how to leverage things that will make you money – and also learn how to invest in Assets.

    Assets online are things that can earn you a residual/passive income. A good example would be a successful blog online and/or having a HUGE team in a network marketing company with a leveraged compensation plan.

    I think a home based business that is running online – is the best investment you can ever make. It is not too expensive to get started and the rewards are incredible!

    Thanks for sharing this info with us and your results! .. it inspires us to keep going!

    Have a great week, Chery!

    Cheers! 😀

    • says

      Hello Freddy! Well said my friend! I totally agree with you, This is the BEST Industry in the World!!

      Were else can you start your own business with as little as a $20 investment.. CRAZY RIGHT?

      Thanks for sharing my friend!! Chery :))

  18. says

    Hi Chery ,
    You are right working from home is good ,
    specially if somebody has kids . It is so much better
    if a parent is with them . If there is somebody like
    you to help to start ,it is even better .Working from
    home needs time and effort ,but it is worth it.
    Thanks for your helpful post

    • says

      Hello Erika! Wow Great comment my friend! I do wish the internet was around when my boys were young I missed so much of their childhood working all the time. Thank You also for your kind words, I do love helping people build their own success stories.. Chery :))

  19. says

    There’s so much you can do offline and online to start your own business. I’ve presented on topics on making money with WordPress alone, and the ideas are countless.

    Some people can get away with not having a home based business, depending on whether they like what they do… like some of the tech companies out there. I’ve met quite a few people who love that and those businesses are close-knit. However, for the person needing something that is theirs and wanting to work for themself one day, then definitely starting a home business is a good idea.

    • says

      Good Morning Nile, You are so right, I do have a girl friend that I invited to take a look at what I was up to online and she about bit my head off.. Yikes I was just trying to help her out, but she told me straight away she has NO intention of ever starting her own business and that SHE Loved the idea of getting her paycheck each week.

      BUT listen to this, my friend has been in and out of so many jobs, she is Way to qualified and NOT paid what she is worth, But as she also told me she is not disciplined enough to make it on her own. Sad really HUH?

      Well Nile you got my blood boiling with your comment this morning hehe Because Of Course YES I believe it is a good idea for everyone to have a back up plan and this is it.

      Have a wonderful day my friend, Always nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  20. says


    It’s certainly better than doing a job in a firm. In today’s world, home based business are booming. It proved to be a profitable business model for many of us.

    Start the business in which you are interested because you can put all of your efforts into it with great passion.

    Recently, I have left my job and working on my home based small business! Working from home is great and I am enjoying.

    Note: I came here from
    Nice post Chery.

    • says

      Hello Atish, Awesome Comment and Congrats My Friend! it is so nice to you that you have left your job and are enjoying your home based business..
      Thanks for sharing..
      Chery :))

  21. says

    Hi Chery,

    For the first time, I’m landing on your blog from Kingged, the amazing blogging community.

    I enjoyed reading your post as I’m doing my own business at home. Flexibility is the biggest advantage of home based business and we can cut the travel time & cost here.

    Thanks for your social proof and awesome video at the end of the post. If we work with dedication without distraction, it is more likely to make a huge income from home-based business.

    Thanks for sharing this post for Kinggers :)

    • says

      Hello Nirmala, It is so nice to meet you and thanks for visiting and leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog!

      Congrats on working from home, yes indeed Flexibility is also a wonderful benefit!

      I do hope to see more of you here, Thanks for sharing!
      Chery :))

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