Want A Thriving Online Business? Focus On These 3 Success Killers

 Success Killers

Are you an online entrepreneur working from home on your online business on a daily basis and yet at the end of the day, you look back and don’t really know where the day has gone?

What happened? Where did the day go?

success killersWant A Thriving Online Business? Focus On These 3 Success Killers

What did you accomplish?

Did you see any results from what you have been doing all day long?

Have you ever given any thought what is holding you back? 

Everyone has these issues…at least to some extent.  If you don’t…you’re simply not human. But you can become conscious of them and then move forward with a plan.

Today I am going to show you three of the biggest success killers to think about and help you to get disciplined so you can start to get better results to have a thriving online business.

1. Distraction: Number One Of Success Killers

Oh Yeh Distractions will stop you from getting the results you want.

What are you allowing that gets you out of your working mode that is holding you back from reaching your goals.

Here Are A Few Huge Success Killers?

  •  Frequently checking of your e-mail? 
  • How about Social Media for hours at a time? 
  • It could just be your kids, spouse, or even your pet?
  • Is your phone on, texting?

These are the main success killers that are stopping you from getting things done, you may have a few more or maybe these don’t have an effect you.

But I do know when I started scheduling time for these kind of activities that I immediately started to get better results.

That’s the number one step to conquer this number one success killer!

Schedule time for everything that you do in your daily action plans.

2. Procrastination: This Is Yet Another One Of Those Huge Success Killers

As an online entrepreneur you should know that you need to get to writing or producing content, make videos, start driving traffic and following up with your prospects but what do you do?

You put it on the back burner and say I will get to later, only to find out that yet another day has gone by and it is still sitting on your to-do list and not done.

See what I mean procrastination is one of the huge killers of success nothing gets done!

So I am going to tell you pretty much the same as with distraction, you need to put this into your schedule, don’t put it off, schedule it and do it, get it done and check it off your list, get over these killers of success so you can finally start building a thriving online business.

3. Overwhelm: Yet Another One Of Those Success Killers

Oh Boy, in this day in age with all the information that everyone sends to us, all the training calls and webinars that are on your to do list, I must say this is another one of those huge success killers.

You just get so overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do, so you actually get frustrated and do nothing and get no results at all.

Want A Thriving Online Business? Focus On These 3 Success Killers

Are you a victim of one of these success killers?

Well you have to start thinking about these killers of your success differently and start thinking about how this is going to help you build that thriving online business.

You have to allow this to happen, yes we all get overwhelmed, but you have to learn to work with it, you can’t avoid it, so just do your best and do the things that need to happen to get the results that you want.

You need to just stay focused on the end result at all times. Well I could just keep going on and on about the subject of killers of success, yes this is a subject that I do take seriously.

You can get over these success killers by disciplining yourself and by scheduling time for everything.  

Do you have any other Success Killers that are stopping your from building A Thriving Online Business? If So Please go ahead and share them with a comment below..

As always, thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success, Here’s To Happiness

Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

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Phone: ( 715) 484-7107

success killers
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  1. says

    I have to admit, that recently I dropped a lot of fun stuff that got addictive because they were distracting. Since then, I’ve been able to tackle some of my to-do list, especially on trying to create pages on my site targeting local and regional businesses for the services I offer. A lot of people I’ve met aren’t aware that they could have a functioning site that looks good, converts, and actually can be affordable.

    Me… just means less gaming… lol.

    Thanks for sharing this… spot on!

  2. says

    Excellent points Chery and each one of these puppies can potentially undo a perfectly good day of productivity. I tend to be anal retentive about organization so I’d love to say I’ve beaten each of these entirely but from time to time I fall victim to them like most people. I’d have to say my biggest issue is not taking breaks – and it catches up with me at the worst possible time. I’m working on scheduling time off so that I don’t get blindsided with exhaustion but it’s a tough one for me since I’m a classic Type A personality. Thanks for the tips and inspiration.

    • says

      Hello Marty, Somehow I can see you as being anal about organization HEHE Just kidding my friend, I am happy to see that you are indeed on top of things, I also would like to share how I handle getting my breaks in.. I actually set a timer to go off every hour, Yeppers every hour I get up and take 10. I dont always want to but I make make myself, especially after reading a blog post a few weeks ago about sitting..

      This article stated that sitting was as bad for you as smoking and I for one kicked that habit and don’t want it back so I get up and do something every hour, Even if it is just to step outside to get some air for minute.. Hope this helps.. Thanks for your comment and visit today my friend.. Chery :))

  3. says

    Chery, did you read my mind? You are talking about me in the last week hahah :-)

    You are so correct… all the success killers you mentioned are sure killers. and in the way I know.. they are even worse.. they are “slow” killers… and you never know they are killing the success you dream of.. till it is completely killed and cannot be revived easily.

    I am very happy that you shared this post.. it will help many people.. thanks again.

    • says

      Hello Nick, Looks like I did read your mind HUH Perhaps it was our talk the other day LOL Thanks for stopping by and sharing Always so nice to see you here. Chery :))

  4. says

    Hi Chery,
    Distractions, procrastination and overwhelm are truly success killers! They form part of the larger things that affect productivity. I agree that discipline and scheduling would go a long way to overcome these trends.

    I would add that overcoming these time and success killers would require absolute discipline to stick with things that get us motivated.

    Yes, if our perspective is inclined to having the END in mind then we can exercise the discipline to keep to the path of success because that END is bigger than REALITY.

    This post was found in kingged where it was shared and upvoted.

  5. says

    Hi Chery,

    Your points are so true!!! Who hasn’t experienced any one the success killers you mentioned?

    A few years ago I had to create and follow a system that would help me avoid these issues and most of centered around creating new habits. It took some time but I stamped most of them out.

    If I had one I would say I still need to work on it’s when I get tired I tend to procrastinate just a little bit. When I catch myself doing that I realize I’m not productive any way so it’s time to walk a way for a while and then come back to it!!!!

    I really don’t ever get overwhelmed and distraction thank goodness has gone away with discipline and time. I learned the clarity + focus = execution. I try to follow that principle all the way through.

    I really enjoyed this post!!!!! Keep up the great work Chery and thanks for making me re-think this through. It’s been a while, lol…

    Have a great week!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • says

      Hello Don, I know I too have disciplined myself to keep focused and stay on the task at hand.. I cannot say I never get overhwelmed or distracted but I am a whole lot bette then I used to be LOL Thanks for the comment and the visit my friend, I do appreciate it.. Chery :))

  6. says

    Hi Chery!

    The numbers one and two are for me a bad killer, the 3 numbers are of course success killer, though.

    Procrastination and distraction – I have this kind problem that I really want to diminish, yet difficult to fight over. Distractions are all over, you can also distract yourself if you’re not focused at work. Many of us also have this kind of problem and there are different ways to stay away from it.

    It starts in you, you should practice and get used to work only on working hours.

    • says

      Hello Metz, The first step is becoming Aware of these Successs Killers, this is why I choose to share with my artcile.. Yes you do need to practice and practice and practice LOL Thanks for the adding to the conversation here today I do appreciate YOU!! Chery :))

  7. says

    Hello Chery,

    I’m gonna start this comment by saying that we all have our own vices. Don’t we? Bible says that Soul is taint less and immortal, while the body has it’s own needs and therefore we work accordingly. Out of all the three success killers, I think that procrastination is the major hindrance. We as a human being have an innate talent for this little sin. Yes, I use the word ‘sin’ because if you see, idleness and laziness are our biggest enemy. It gets us nowhere. Infact it makes us lose what we hold on to very close. And then there is distraction. God!! Isn’t it something that we all can’t avoid? But yes, there are ways to disentangle ourselves from it too. Like keeping a proper schedule, adopting a healthy lifestyle and also a little bit of meditation will go a long way.

    The above mentioned three success killers are there in every individual but the point is to overcome them. And no one is a better judge than we ourselves. Anyways, that was a good post and you have taken a good stand on it too. Have a lovely day.


    • says

      Hello Sanjay, What an Awesome Comment, Yes we all do have our own vices that is for sure, but as stated we can all work through these with a proper schedule, adopting a healthy lifestyle and also a little bit of meditation..

      Thanks for your comment and visit here today and Yes You have a Lovely Day As Well My Friend.. Chery :))

  8. says

    Hi Chery,

    I used to be a victim of these success killers. But not anymore lol. Planning ahead and focusing on one task at a time, giving it my full attention has helped so much.

    Procrastination was a problem, so much so, that I did have to train myself to “Eat The Frog!” Doing the most difficult task FIRST! Then the rest of the day flies by. It did take a while, but I worked on it, so much so, that every day before I do anything I see what is on my schedule that I get the knee jerk reaction to shy away and face it head on! Phew!

    As for spending too much time on social media, I do have a plan I follow religiously. Ten minutes at different intervals of the day. I go to my groups first, then scan down a bit and may get into a like and comment.

    As a business person, we all have many hats to wear. We just have to follow the advice above and see how our day can be productive.


    • says

      Hello Donna, “Eat The Frog!” HEHE I have Never heard that phrase before EVER!! I love your idea of getting the most difficult task out of the way first .. I for one save mine for last.. I am more alert at night so this is when I am at my best LOL!

      Always so nice to see you here, you always have such great advice to share. Thanks my friend, and do have a Great Holiday Weekend Coming Up Chery :))

  9. says

    Guilty as charged Chery!

    Any one of your excellent tips, I could easily be found guilty of at any given time. And like you say, you look up and wonder what happened to your so called window of opportunity.

    And try as you might, you simply can’t account for major chunks of your day, which of course turns into weeks!

    I really like your idea of scheduling your activities and then having the discipline to stick to it!

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing them!

    • says

      Hello Mark, Yes we are guilty of these success killers from time to time but if you have a schedule and stay on task you should be alright my friend. Thanks for adding to the conversation here today..Have A Great Holiday Weekend Coming Up..Chery :))

  10. says

    Hi Chery,

    Though I read this wonderful information the other day I did not post a comment.

    I fully agree with all the points you mentioned here, I mean the killers!!!
    Indeed I could very well relate to all the points mentioned here especially the one: Procrastination. No doubt this is a great killer of our success,
    quiet often I think that ok let me do it tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow that goes on and on when the real time comes we are really in a dilemma! and in the last rush things will go awry.

    This happened many times to me and its still happening!

    I am in confusion how to overcome this!

    Your scheduling method will work I think

    Let me try!

    Hey, Chery, thank you very much for the timely alert on these real killers!
    Keep writing

    Keep informed.

    ~ Phil
    Hey Chery, I found this unique post at kingged.com and I kingged it and posted a comment too
    May you have a wonderful week end :-)
    ~ Phil

    • says

      Hello Philip, Yes indeed Tomorrow never comes does it.. Once I started putting together a schedule, things really turned around for me Philip, try it. We all know that life happens so if you dont follow it to a T No Biggy, just be sure to start each day with a plan.. It is that easy..

      Thanks for adding to the conversation here today my friend, Always so nice to see you here.. Chery :))

  11. says

    Hi Chery, I agree with you completely on what you have discussed in this post. I have myself suffered from all those 3 success killers in the past. But now I have made some big progress thankfully. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • says

      Hello Houdak, Unfortunatley I do think this is where a lot of us start.. GRRR This is why I fee that it is so important for me to keep on sharing these tips here on my blog.. Thanks for adding to the conversation here tonight I do appreciate it.. Chery :))

  12. says

    Chery, You are right on target with this post! Distractions, procrastination and overwhelm are all problems that we face from time to time especially when you have your own online business. I have learned to schedule time to get what I need done every week and it has helped me so much. Thanks so much for sharing this info!

    • says

      Hello Shelley, Oh Yeh Scheduling time to get thiings done is Key.Amazing what you can get done once you know what you are going to do.. HUH?? Than ks for adding to the conversation here today, I do appreciate it… Chery :))

  13. says

    Chery, this is a key article!

    The number one when working from home, has to be Distractions! Yes, yes we all get this each and everyday.

    Without knowing to do things that grow your business, each day. You will find yourself like everyone else. On that crazy Facebook doing nothing except nothing. Hey, sharing an inspirational thought is find. Yet, spending all day on Facebook, YouTube and other social locations. Does, nothing for growing your company.

    I have clarity with doing focused, exceptional activities, that only grow my company and it’s supportive awareness. It works and I have no time to sit around and chit chat. That is on my time and not companies growth time. I only work 3 days a week and 2 hours. Yet, read allot to grow and communicate, with a vast number. Subcontracting is the best thing.

    It is the same things searching for pictures and YouTube stuff. Just to post on your Facebook all day. What have you accomplished in 8,400 seconds that are in a day?

    Making sure you have a game plan each day in front of you. That on little activity will keep you focused. Hey, 10 minutes emails and responding. 5 minutes reading blogs. 15 minutes consulting others. The rest of the day, following up with people.

    We loose so much time and money by not following up. Most people spend more than 51% of time during a given day, doing task they should subcontract out. Emails and such are not growing your business. It is keep connected and could be subcontracted out. Responding to needed correspondence can be your job.

    Getting out and meeting real live people, is a must and most overlook this. That is what you may want to spend most of your time doing. Getting to know new people each day. Then, following up with them.

    Chery, you always manage to get my thoughts flowing. I love spending time reading your articles and listening to you. I have nothing but good feelings from you. You spend lots of time sharing empowering thoughts and that must be your passion. Bringing hope, joy and kindness to others. I love it!

    Thank you for allowing us into your thoughts. We can take so much from this article and learn to get serious about having a real company or playing business person?

  14. says

    Very well said, Chery. I’m on intimate terms with all three! LOL. I have to remind myself often to simplify and streamline my life, because the alternative is major overwhelm. It’s something I work on continually, to stay on top of things. Thanks for the timely tips.

  15. says

    You are correct! The three things that you mentioned will truly kill you productivity. I found that I was checking my Facebook, other social media, and email multiple times a day and it would literally waste 2+ hours of my time that I could have dedicated towards building my business. Now, I schedule out my day, events, and tasks and my productivity has shot through the roof. By doing this, my profits have increased as well and my business is growing as I would hope. Thank you for sharing!

    • says

      Hello Kyle, Love your comment, Congratulations my friend! I to found that once I actually had a game plan things started to happen for me as well. It is Amazing how much time we can waste on unneccessary tasks if we are not careful HUH? Thanks for your comment and visit my friend.. Chery :))

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